EUSSO Launches a 4-FXO Port VoIP Gateway 2008/02/20


The UTG7104-22(S/O) is a cost effective and highly reliable Voice over IP (VoIP) gateway that offers toll quality voice and real-time fax data over IP networks. With its embedded architecture, UTG7104-22(S/O) is ideal for VoIP applications associated with Small-Medium size Business (SMB), Remote Office and Branch Office (ROBO), and ISP/ITSP service markets.

The UTG7104-22(S/O) has user friendly interfaces and it may be installed easily and conveniently with VoIP management tools to yield immediate cost savings. Implemented with an efficient Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) and FLASH memory, UTG7104-22(S/O) provides field upgradeable capabilities, so, it may be programmed with updated protocols or algorithms locally or via the network at anytime. It comes equipped with remote management capabilities, configurable signaling to work with PBX or telephone. Utilizing advanced VoIP related technologies, it includes various voice coders and fax algorithms, echo cancellation, Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Comfort Noise Generation (CNG), and packet recovery algorithms.

EUSSO's Internet Telephony Gateway family supports Voice over IP (VoIP), as well as Fax over IP (FoIP), and it seamlessly bridges existing PBX or phones with IP networks. Its scalability satisfies user's needs for system growth without additional software or complex integration. Also, it supports various types of network configurations and requires very little maintenance or administration. It is fully interoperable with world renown VoIP gateways and PBXs. Furthermore, it coexists with broadband access devices for ADSL or CATV networks.


  • Supports 4 channels of real-time voice and fax in a single embedded box
  • Field programmable CP tone detection and generation to support PBX and CO line interconnections
  • Supports programmable line interfaces with country specific telephone settings
  • Supports ITU standard vocoders and voice processing algorithms including G.711, G.723.1, and G.729 A/B, and G.168 Echo Cancellation
  • User friendly management including console port interface, HTTP and Telnet servers, and VoIP related management such as call control and dial plan set up
  • Built-in TFTP and flash memory for software download and upgrade via network
  • H.323 call control protocol compliant
  • QoS support for VoIP packets


Digital Signal Processors One TI TMS320VC5402 DSP
100 MIPS per DSP processor
On-chip memory: 16K word of SRAM, 4K word of ROM
Local SRAM 128K x 16 for each DSP
Control Processor 32-bit ARM7 TDMI core
8K byte unified cache
4Kworde Write buffer
Embedded on-chip Ethernet MAC with associated BDMA
Local 2M x 16 SDRAM and 1M x 16 Flash
I/O Interface Standard 10/100 BaseTX RJ 45 interface
RJ 11 Loop Start interfaces for FXS
Operating Temperature 0°C- 50°C (32°F -122°F)
Operating Humidity 10% - 95%, non-condensing
Power Supply AC-to-DC power supply (90~260VAC, auto-ranging, 50/60Hz)
Certifications CE
FCC, Part 15, Class A
FXS/FXO (Compliant with ITU-T G.712)
Speech Compression algorithms: ITU G. 711, G.723.1, and G.729A/B.
Hybrid echo cancellation G.168 (16 ms)
Auto switch between Fax and voice
DTMF tone detection/regeneration
Channel: four channels per module
Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)
User programmable Call Progress detection/generation
Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
User programmable Gain Control
Fax Facsimile protocol: T.30 Group 3
Modulation formats: V.21, V.27ter, V.29, V.17
Real-time fax over IP
DTMF tone detection/regeneration
Management Tools RS 232 console port interface
HTTP Server
Telnet Server
RAS and dial plan management
TFTP and flash memory for remote software download and upgrade.
H.323 Protocol Stack RAS sub-stack for Terminals and Gatekeepers: supports all mandatory and optional messages (Tx and Rx) as specified in table 19/H.255.0
H.245 sub-stack: supports the Signaling Entities of Master Slave Determination, Capability Exchange, Open Logical Channels, and Close Logical Channels
Q.931: supports all mandatory messages as specified in table 4/H.255.0
Compliant with H.323 Version 1 and Version 2

Ordering Information

Model Description
UTG7104-22 4-Port VoIP Gateway with 2FXS/2FXO Interface
UTG7104-S 4-Port VoIP Gateway with 4FXS Interface
UTG7104-O 4-Port VoIP Gateway with 4FXO Interface