EUSSO Introduces the VoIP SIP/H.323 Gateway VPN Router 2008/03/19

EUSSO UTG7108 series is a cost effective and highly reliable Voice over IP (VoIP) gateway integrated with broadband router switch that offers toll quality voice and real-time fax data over IP networks. It supports both SIP and H.323 dual communication models. With its embedded architecture, this device is ideal for VoIP applications associated with Small-Medium size Business (SMB), Remote Office and Branch Office (ROBO), and ISP/ITSP service markets.

UTG7108 series has user friendly interfaces and it may be installed easily and conveniently with VoIP management tools to yield immediate cost savings. Implemented with an efficient Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) and FLASH memory, UTG7108 series provides field upgradeable capabilities, so, it may be programmed with updated protocols or algorithms locally or via the network at anytime. It comes equipped with remote management capabilities, configurable signaling to work with PBX or telephone. Utilizing advanced VoIP related technologies, it includes various voice coders and fax algorithms, echo cancellation, Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Comfort Noise Generation (CNG), and packet recovery algorithms.

EUSSO's Internet Telephony Gateway family supports Voice over IP (VoIP), as well as Fax over IP (VoIP), and it seamlessly bridges existing PBX or phones with IP networks. Its scalability satisfies user’s needs for system growth without additional software or complex integration. Also, it supports various types of network configurations and requires very little maintenance or administration. It is fully interoperable with world well-known VoIP gateways and PBXs. Furthermore, it coexists with broadband access devices for ADSL or CATV networks.


  • Supports SIP and H.323 dual mode communication for simultaneous VoIP call
  • Supports dual FXS/FXO or FXS/PSTN VoIP interface to connect between PBX and PSTN
  • Provides 8 ports different combinations of real-time voice and data in a single embedded box
  • i-WAN + 3-LAN switch embedded for ADSL/Cable modem broadband router with VPN function
  • Built-in Firewall, VPN, QoS, NAT Server, PPPoE, DHCP, and watch dog advanced functions
  • Supports multiple voice codec G.711, G.723.1, G.726, and G.729a/b and G.168 Echo Cancellation
  • Web-based configuration and management through user-friendly Web browser user-interface
  • Flexible registration up to 4 Gatekeeper or SIP proxy simultaneously for different VoIP Route plan
  • Supports User-definable Static Routing Table, Network Access Rules, and TCP/UDP Port Mapping
  • Built-in Watch Dog for auto recovery and Self Protection against DoS attacks