9.7” EstILO all-in-one

Ref: after Gitex 2017, 17A19


To esteemed partner:

We like to offer you our activities and our product information as below. You are kindly invited to join us.


1. Gitex 2017 Dubai

 ---We finished the Gitex 2017 Dubai exhibition( October 8-12) , and had a successful exhibition.

  ---Birch new products were very attractive to the visitors, and we were happy to meet lots of our partners.

More exhibition photos :


2. New products arrival !!

         a. 9.7” EstiLO IT6000J2           A right all-in-one for hospitality, line never before

                       Unique and ultra-streamlined design

9.7” , 1024 x 768, 4:3 ratio with P-CAP touch

                      Quadcore J1900.

                Adjustable viewing angle, removable flip-cover and Pull-bar HDD device….

              9.7” EstILO all-in-one

          Please See:  

---9.7” EstiLO demon video https://youtu.be/PaUoDvVIWnc

          -----See the real product demo at Gitex :  


            b. the most slim Talisma all-one touch system( QuadCore J1900)extremely thin, quite , but powerful

3. Self-service applications are blooming!

  Ø     Color Price-checker: Birch price-checker ( DS-715V) is the best value for money on the self-service applications

a. true-color display( 70 x 53mm, 320 x 240 pixel, 4: 3 ratio, 450 nits)

b. seam-less integration barcode scanner----- Omni-directional laser, or long range linear imager CCD)

c. Interface support--- Ethernet, PoE( power over Ethernet, or Wifi)

d. power communication tool SW support.                                                               

Ø   For more self-service, Kiosk and ATM applications: We have lots of products modules as below to support your customized Self-service systems

----Box system                  

----7” P-CAP touch monitor

----2”/3” panel printer module

----15”/17” touch monitor

4. Bluetooth products: Birch releases lots of the Bluetooth products as below to support your wireless applications

a. Bluetooth + pocket handheld scanner     -----BT-4915i and Scan50-300A


b. 2”/3” mobile printer ---BM-i02 /BM-i03( supports Windows/Linux/Android/Linux)


c. CP-Q3T 80mm thermal printer with bluetooth built-in

5. New Barcode label printer-----------------for wallet-concerned market 

DP-2412: 2 inch thermal direct label printer

l  Compact size

l  USB interface

l  Easy affordable price

l  Bartender software included inside.

l  supports most of 1D barcode symnbologies and popular 2D barcode symbologies( QR code, PDF 417 and Data Matrix).


2 inch thermal direct label printer USB

DP-4432: 4 inch thermal direct/ thermal transfer label printer


l  3 in one interface [ RS232+USB+LAN]

l  Easy affordable price

l  Bartender software included inside.

l  with powerful TSPL-EZ firmware which supports EPL, ZPL, DPL and Zebra emulations

l  can print most of 1D barcode symboligies, and 2D barcode includes PDF-417, MaxiCode, DataMatrix and QR code


4 inch thermal direct /transfer label printer, RS232+USB+LAN

6. 15”/17” Czar all-in-one touch system

a. 15” Czar all-in-one system Demo Video [https://youtu.be/s9kC3kEYk30]

 b. 17” Czar system demon video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DapEXtiJwJc


If you need any further product information, please contact us!!

Best regards,

Birch Technology Inc 

(www.e-birch.com., www.birch.com.tw).,

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