Macpower's First Media Download Adapter: M-DM 2007/06/25

Macpower industry leading multimedia and external storage manufacturer today announced its latest innovation, the M-DM (Media – Download Manager). Used in conjunction with BitTorrent, the M-DM makes downloading media from the Internet faster and more convenient. Plus, the M-DM also allows other connected USB devices to be accessible along the same internal network.

Powered by a STAR 9104 chipset, end users can access the M-DM from a PC or Mac, via network, and set which BitTorrent files they want downloaded. The workstation can then be turned off and the M-DM left to continue downloading files on its own. With two available USB ports, completed downloads are automatically stored on any attached USB drive.

"Download speeds are faster because the M-DM operates separately from the computer's CPU." commented Tommy Chen, Macpower company president. "The M-DM manages your downloads without a computer…just set it and forget it!"

The M-DM is housed in a compact, black ABS plastic enclosure. Two available USB ports allow external drives to be connected and to receive downloaded files. Ethernet connection allows the M-DM, and any other attached USB drives, to be accessible by computers on the network.

"No need to purchase special network attached storage enclosures anymore," Mr. Chen said, "All your downloaded BitTorrentTM media can be stored and shared instantly with others connected to the same network."

File sharing and back-up is also made easy with the copy function. Connect a portable device to one of the USB ports, and copy all its files to the existing USB drive connected to the M-DM. New media can then be accessed by other computers on the network.

"You don't even need to turn your computer on!" Mr. Chen enthusiastically said, "Just connect your portable device to the M-DM, and with the push of a button, your files are copied!"

The all new M-DM is available now at Macpower partners across the globe and will also be available for OEM projects. Macpower welcomes any requests from OEM partners.