Macpower Announces its Latest Digital Signage Solution: D8-3500 2007/07/31

Macpower industry leading manufacturer of digital signage, multimedia, and external storage enclosures, today announces the arrival of the D8-3500 Digital Signage Solution. This upgraded D8 model offers advertisers an internal 3.5" or 2.5" SATA hard drive for a large collection of high definition ads to be safely stored and conveniently broadcasted.

Housed in a compact Mac-mini type enclosure, this digital signage solution has a bottom heat sink, ventilation, and powerful fan to keep the internal hard drive cool. Plus, thick rubber feet stands on the bottom of the case prevents excess vibration to the hard drive and provides extra spacing to allow air to flow freely underneath. A high speed USB 2.0 port allows the D8-3500 to be connected to a workstation to upload new files.

"An internal SATA HDD is the only answer for mass storage and convenient playback of 1080i high definition ads," Tommy Chen, Macpower CEO, explained. "Engineered with both an active and passive cooling system, broadcast your ads all day long without worrying about overheating your hard drive."

Powered by a Sigma 8621 chipset, the D8-3500 is compatible with a wide range of media formats including: ISO, WMV9, MP3, and JPEG. With network attached capabilities, the D8-3500 can be set to download new media files from an Internet server at specific times throughout the day and have them saved directly onto the internal hard drive. An optional 802.11 b/g wireless kit is also available, so new ad content can be downloaded and stored without the use of an Ethernet cable. Two available USB ports allow additional drives to be connected for playback, or used to copy files directly to the internal SATA drive.

"Add more content via network or directly through a USB connection," Mr. Chen, highlighted. "With such a large storage space you can keep adding new files and not have to be concerned with running out of space or needing to delete existing files."

The Configuration Tool allows multiple D8 units to be controlled easily from a network computer. Use this software tool to change network settings, download new ad content, update playlists, and write scrolling text messages.

"In a shopping mall, supermarket, or office environment, all your units can be centrally controlled by a single workstation." Mr. Chen said, "Select all, or select which individual unit needs updating!"

The D8-3500 is available now at Macpower partners across the globe. The D8-3500 is available for OEM projects and Macpower welcomes any OEM enquiries.