G-402 revolutionary irregular creative video wall controller outlook
32 irregular creative pre-defined display modes with PIP/POP function
LEGO Cascade with multiple units to achieve video wall with 4k/2k or more resolution

 G-402 is designed with more than 32 pre-defined Display mode. User can different Display Modes through 6 key Dip switch on front panel. No PC or software is required. It is an entirely new concept video wall controller and let DIY become simple & easy.

Below are the features:

  • 32 pre-defined display modes.
  • Dip switch ion on front panel. Easy installation, no PC is required.
  • Modular structure like LEGO block to cascade multiple modules into one big display.
  • With POP and PIP function for multiple contents in one display.
  • Support up to 4k/2k UHD input. 4k content displayed on 16 LCD is easy to achieve.
  • Customized creative display modes is possible to be added into the system.

      G-402 is designed with 3 input & 4 output ports and 32 pre-defined display modes, targeting at the market with the requirement for irregular creative video wall. All the setting can be achieved through Dip switch settings on G-402. Pre-defined display modes include different rotation angle, position and array. Customized display modes are possible to add in. PIP/POP function is embedded in G-402. Dual contents can be display on the video wall at the same time.
      G-402 is designed with 3-4 TV as one display unit based on full HD panel with the same size and resolution. If user wants to display with different image size, bezel dimension, resolution and more flexible LCD array, then G-401 will be the best solution.
Advanced version of G-402 is called G-402Ex which is designed to add OSD and remote controller to provide more functions to the system.

  1. To cascade multiple G-402Ex for huge display.
  2. To share 4k UHD content with multiple G-402Ex to display high resolution 4K video wall.
  3. Able to execute image flip at 90/180/270 degrees. User can use this function to create more fancy applications in pre-defined display modes.
  4. More flexible PIP/POP settings with flexible size, position and aspect ratio selection.

VNS launched revolutionary creative video wall controller with 32 pre-defined irregular creative display modes selected by dip switcher With PIP/POP multiple window function and Lego cascade function. No PC or software is required. 2015/04/30

Technical Specification Sheet (Spec. Sheet)