HDD cooler

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The use of more than one hard disk is becoming a common situation. More and more people use two or even three hard disks, but the issue of overheating has become a major problem. When the temperature of the hard disk rises, it reliability decreases significantly and a fatal failure as well as total data loss may occur. In order to protect your data from a sudden hard drive failure, its very important to reduce the hard disk temperature and prevent it from overheating.

TTC-HDC4 features two silent 60x60x20mm fans could fit for 2 x 5.25"drive bays to cool two hard disk drives. Additionally, it can be used as a HDD Cooler or a System Cooler. When you install it with hard disk drives, it will be a great cooler to reduce the HDD temperature and increase the HDD reliability and lifetime. The front panel is very stylish and is made of high quality plastic with a shiny silver finish. Moreover, the TTC-HDC4 has been equipped with removable air filters which are easy for users to remove and clean. If you are looking for a cooler for your 1 or 2 hard disk drives or simply trying to cool your system, do not miss these nice coolers!

  • Functioned as a HDD cooler and a system cooler
  • Double noiseless fan (60x60x20 mm) fit for 2 x 5.25" drive bays
  • Efficiently reduces the temperature of HDD and system; extends their reliability and     long-life time
  • Removable air filters
  • RoHS compliance


Outline Dimension
Fan Dimension
Rated Voltage
Power Consumption
Rated Speed
Static Pressure
Noise Level(FAN)
Bearing type
Life Time
149.5 x 62.8 x 85 mm
60 x 60 x 20 mm
12 VDC
0.96 W
2500 ± 10% RPM
11.56 CFM x 2
0.05 InchH2O
< 15.7 dBA
Z-axis Bearing
60,000 Hours


1CTN(PCS) 40

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