RC126/IR606Q MCE Remote Control

RC126 Microsoft Win7,MCE,Remote Control comb w/IR606Q USB Transceiver for multimedia with PC/NB/TV

Minimum Order Quantity : Under 1000
Are samples available for this product? : Yes

Language : English

The remote controls RC126 are for Windows Media Center Technologies in Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate. It lets you access and manage your Media Center PC and other peripheral devices. All the buttons and functions necessary for Microsoft certification included, including official Green Button.

Features & Specifications

  • Microsoft Windows Vista certification and Green Button support
  • 48 button remote
  • Include all of the buttons and functions necessary for Microsoft certification, including official Green Button.
  • Small USB dongle style receiver
  • Use standard Microsoft drivers, no software to install.
  • Protocol: RC6 IR Protocol.
  • Battery type: AAA battery *2
  • Dimension: 40 x 185 x 24mm
  • Weight with battery: 89g 

The USB consumer infrared receiver IR606Q for Windows Media Center in Windows Vista is used to receive the IR signal from Media Center remote control and relay the command to control the user interface of Media Center. IR606Q is also able to learn the protocol of other device's remote control such as set top box, and then replace that remote control. After learning, Media Center remote control can be used to control set top box directly with the IR blaster been attached to set top box's receiver.

  • Small USB dongle type transceiver and easy to connect with your computer.
  • Support one indication LED for the system level interaction: blink during working mode and turned off during sleep mode.
  • Use in-box Windows ® drivers.
  • Be able to use IR receiver to receive the signal from Media Center remote control or Media Center keyboard.
  • Be able to use learning IR receiver to learn the signal from the remote control of set-top box. After finishing learning procedures, the Media Center remote control can replace the remote control of set-top box.
  • Be able to use transmitter jack to emit the signal to control set-top box.
  • Dimension: 48 x 48 x 20mm
  • Weight : 20g

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