WatchDog 3 Instant Recovery System

WatchDog 3 Instant Recovery System

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WatchDog 3 Instant Recovery System



  • Software version now available - great news for laptop users.
  • F-POINT, now allows users to have 5 Multi-Restore Points to choose from. Freely restore back and forth between multiple Restore Points.
  • WatchDog 3 is the first and only Instant Recovery System that can be installed on the NEW HP, Compaq, DELL and other leading brands of PC' s that make use of the first partition to store vendor information. Until now Instant Recovery systems had to be installed on the first partition to protect your system.
  • Unlimited Hard Disk size support.
  • The new F-SAVE (System Area Virtual Engine) technology, now only occupies 0.00052% of the total hard disk space.
  • The new F-CACHE (Quick Data Cache) proprietary technology , does not affect the computer’s efficiency.
  • The WatchDog 3 Instant Recovery system gives you the power to immediately restore healthy system configurations and lost or damaged data, on your own, in seconds for the following Microsoft® DOS, Microsoft® Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP and Microsoft® Server platforms..
  • Support IDE,EIDE,SCSI,ATA33-166 and now also supports Serial-ATA hard disk drives.


Extra Info

  • Recover non-functional systems. Even if Windows is down, recovery or rescue disks are not required.
  • High efficient recovery technology works in the background, monitoring every reading and writing action of hard disk, Fully protects the hard disk data.
  • Recover deleted or overwritten files, even those emptied from the Recycle Bin!
  • Instant recovery for data that has been destroyed intentionally, accidentally deleted, replaced or even formatted.
  • Protects the first partition of the first Hard Disk.
  • WatchDog will not delete any Restore Points if you restore to an earliest Restore Point.
  • Ability to setup a regular auto save function, and select your Restore Point.
  • Auto-recovery to the last Restore Point.
  • Ability to go back to the original configurations that existed before installing WatchDog, without uninstalling it.
  • Ability to clear all the Restore Points.
  • Provides a user-friendly Windows interface; highly configurable.
  • Shows the swap size in real-time.
  • System adjusts swap size automatically.
  • Warns when swap space is insufficient.
  • Safe and easy installation on Windows OS, no need to re-partition your Hard disk drive.
    The manual function allows you to install and test new software, and save the operating system in its best status.
  • Ability to set the boot screen to display itself for up to 99 seconds during boot.
  • Ability to setup a Supervisor password for additional security.

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