EXSOUND Hippocampus

EXSOUND Hippocampus- Digital Decoder to Dolby Surrounding Sound Simply With Your iPad/iPhone

Minimum Order Quantity : Under 1000
Are samples available for this product? : Yes
Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Language : English

Your Dolby Surrounding Sound for Movie/ Game/ Music with your iPad/ iPhone


  • Simply Plugged to Your iPad/iPhone for Dolby Surrounding Effect. No Need to Compromise with Sound Quality While Being Mobile Anymore.
  • Dolby Approved for Dolby Pro Logic II & Dolby Headphone Decoder, Empowering Stereo Movie/Game/Music to 5.1 Surrounding Sound
  • Light and Fashion Designed, No Burden to Use with iPad/iPhone for Outdoor Using. Work with Official Headset with Original Functions

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