20-Port 10/100/1000Base-T + 4-Port UTP/(100M/1G SFP) Combo Web Smart Switch

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : Yes
Delivery Date : 60Day(s)
Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Language : English


The GS-1324K, the next generation web smart managed switch, from Rubytech, provides a reliable infrastructure for your business network. This switch delivers more easy-to-use features you need to manage your business network, protects your sensitive information, and optimizes your network bandwidth to deliver information and applications more effectively. It provides the ideal combination of affordability and capabilities for entry level networking of a small business or a Branch office of an enterprise, thus helps you to create an efficient, flexible and easier-connected workforce.

Key Features

  • Web smart features provide easier manageability, security, QoS,and performance
  • Supports SNMPv1/v2c for management
  • Supports Loop detection for maintenance
  • Supports (IEEE802. 3az EEE Energy Efficient Ethernet standard)for green Ethernet application
  • Provides reset button for recovery and maintenance


Whether you want to easily implement a network to connect all clients’ computers or an application to deliver data, voice, and video services, the GS-1324K provides a solution to fit your requirements. Possible implementation scenarios include:

  • PC or laptop connectivity with suitable security and qualified performance:
    The GS-1324K switch can easily and securely connect clients’ PC or laptop in offices with all of the servers, printers, and other networking devices they use. Qualified performance and reliable connectivity will help to speed file transfers and data processing, keep the clients connected and productive.
  • Implement Green Ethernet environment:
    The GS-1324K switch provides IEEE802.3az EEE for low power consumption and high efficient requirement. It can use for customer build a green Ethernet networking environment
  • Unified communications with open standards:
    To be a Smart managed network solution, it provides the high performance and advanced networking quality to deliver all networking communications and data over a single network.


The GS-1324K provides security, performance, quality of services, central management and other network control capabilities. Optimized and customized design and affordable pricing, it best fit for SMB or entry-level enterprise solution. It provides:

  • Qualify performance and reliability:
    The GS-1324K passed the rigorously testing to deliver excellent performance. As a managed switching solution, it also provides the flexibility to manage and prioritize suitable-bandwidth traffic such as voice, video and data requirement.
  • Easy, simple deployment and configuration:
    The device manager software provides an intuitive, web-based interface to simplify deployment, suitable security(Port Security), and quality of service (QoS) traffic prioritization.
  • Remote management:
    Using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv1/v2c), you can configure and manage GS-1324K and other Rubytech switches in the network remotely, instead of having to directly connect to them.
  • Energy efficiency:
    GS-1324K is designed to comply with IEEE802.3az, energy efficient Ethernet protocol, reducing energy costs without compromising performance. Power-saving features include:
    • The latest application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), using low-power technology, allow for lower power consumption and thinner, more efficient designs.
    • Embedded intelligence to adjust signal strength based on cable length.
  • Fast, easy maintenance:
    The GS-1324K provides Loop Detection function; it can easy to detect the looping occurred. Provide easy maintenance method and solve network failure issue.
  • Expansion ports:
    Featuring 20 Gigabit UTP ports, the GS-1324K also offers 4 (TP/SFP) Combo port for uplinks to Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic networks.

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