i-Disk Polar Bear Deer 08GB

The Runaway Kappi Dress-Up USB Flash Drive Change your Bear with different animal costumes !

Minimum Order Quantity : Under 1000
Are samples available for this product? : Yes
Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Language : English

The Runaway Kappi dress-up USB flash drive features adorable figure design that can stand up on your desk. It's a environmental way in industrial design when you change your Bear with different animal costumes! The Runaway Kappi dress-up USB flash drive can be attached to cell phone or key ring and easy to carry around. Collected and dressed-up! How fun office gadget it is!


About Kappi

The little polar bear 'Kappi", whose name stands for "brave" in Eskimo, lives in the Arctic. Kappi's lovely homeland is in trouble becuase the global warming problem speeds up the melting of the glaciers. Now Kappi's igloo is always soaked in the cold water so his socks can never dry. Kappi is so tired of this. He desires for a new life. Finally...he decides to take a long trip to the south where Kappi's animal friends live a happy life...

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