IP to 4 RS232 Serial Port Converter with 5V power out

Minimum Order Quantity : Under 1000
Are samples available for this product? : Yes
Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Language : English



  • Hardware Specification:

    • CPU: 32bit 100MHz MIPS CPU.

    • Flash ROM: 16M Byte.

    • SDRAM: 16M Byte.

  • Serial port:

    • Interface: RS232

    • connector: DB9 male.

    • Port Number: 4.

    • speed: upto 230400bps.

  • NOTE: console port share with serial port 1

  • NOTE: each serial port can offer 5V power out in pin 9 for external device. Each 5V power out pin support current limitation feature to protect abnormal over-load condition .

  • LAN connection:

    • Interface: 10/100Mbps 100BaseT

    • connector: RJ45

  • Software Compatibility:

    • TCP/IP or UDP/IP connection.

    • WIN NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Virtual COM driver.

    • LINUX raw TTY driver.

    • SCO UNIX real TTY driver.

  • Power Requirement:

    • 5VDC @ 1200mA.

  • Dimension:

    • 205*135*29mm.

    • Other relative product information:

    • APORT200: IP to two RS232 serial port converter.

    • APORT020: IP to two ground isolated RS232 serial port converter.

    • APORT101: IP to one RS232 and one ground isolated RS422/485 serial port converter.

    • APORT400: IP to four RS232 serial port converter.

    • APORT040: IP to four Ground isolated RS232 serial port converter.

    • APORT800: IP to eight RS232 serial port converter.

    • APORT080: IP to eight Ground isolated RS232 serial port converter.

    • IPORT134I: IP to four Ground isolated RS422/RS485 serial port converter.

    • IPORT134: IP to four RS422/RS485 serial port converter.

    • IPORT118: IP to eight RS232/RS422/RS485 serial port converter.

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