ISA card support 2 RS422/485 ports

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
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A2485 specification:

System Structure

  • intelligent Buffer Card.

Serial Communication Controller

  • type: 16550A compatible with PGA support.
  • speed: 1.8432MHz. (can be used upto 7.3728MHz)

Hardware compatibility

  • ISA/EISA bus slot.
  • 80286/80386/80486/P5 system.

Software compatibility

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 95/98
  • other operating system

System I/O & IRQ mapping

  • use DIP switch to choose I/O map.
  • I/O map in

    mode1: 0x3E8 & 0x2E8.

    mode2: 0x3F8 & 0x2F8.

    mode3: 0x3E0 & 0x2E0.

    mode4: 0x338 & 0x238.

System Interrupt mapping

  • use jumper to choose IRQ3/4/5/7/10/11/12/15.
  • Each port can set IRQ by jumper independently.

Port capability

  • number of port: 2 ports per card.
  • Interface: Ground isolated RS422/RS485.

    (Note: we can use DIP switch to set interface type for each port as RS422 or RS485 independently.)

    (Note: In normal A2485 card we have RAYON's DB9 pin definition. For A2485S card we have special DB9 pin definition).

  • Connector: DB9 male.
  • Baud Rate: each port can be configured to 50--38400bps in UNIX system and upto 115200bps in other system.

Performance upgrade capability and relative products.

  • A4000 Buffour card: intelligenet buffer four port card.
  • A480 Bufeight card: intelligent buffer eight port card.
  • P584 PCIPORT card: PCI Bus four port card.
  • P588 PCIPORT card: PCI Bus eight port card.
  • User can also use our local processor built-in card to support more ports and reduce main CPU overhead.Each card can support 8 upto 64 ports.

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