Portable Touch Monitor On-Lap 1303I

Portable Monitor-On-Lap 1303I

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : Yes
Current Export Markets : Europe, North America, Asia, Taiwan

Language : English


First 13.3" portable touch monitor with True color and FHD resolution Display

This easy-to-carry On-Lap 1303I is the only portable monitor with touch screen and full HD 1080P resolution display.It enables the users to read or write down their document quicker and more confortably by the touch screen and 13.3" large display of True Color (16.7M colors).

Multi-Touch, Ten Fingers Together
On-Lap1303I uses projective capacitive touch technology, supports ten finger multi-touch recognition. Suitable to use with Windows 8.1’s multitasking gestures. Select, expand, QuickScroll, handwriting, hand drawing can all be achieved! Besides being a main monitor with touch function, can also become a second external monitor. Dual monitor setup can now multi-task!

Super Wide Viewangles, Place Flat for Easy Writing
Different from the typical desktop touch monitor on the market, On-Lap 1303I is designed for portability. Weighing at 900g and featuring 1cm slim body, On-Lap 1303I not only is light it even meets flawless design requirements. No burden when holding it for a long period of time, instantly can change angle and position. Furthermore, On-Lap 1303I has a flat-back design, allowing to be placed flat on table. It is most ideal for heavy virtual keyboard use, with a stylus pen, becomes designer’s favorite drawing board.

FHD IPS Panel,More Refined
Using Full HD 1080p IPS panel, On-Lap 1303I provides 1920 x 1080 resolution,True Color(16.7M colors) and 250nit brightness. Besides more detailed picture, color is much outstanding; ideal for photographers or designers.

Smart Cover Stand Design
On-Lap 1303I offers an exclusive Cover Stand. The Cover Stand not only can protect the monitor from impact of external force during transport but also can become a stand on tabletop. In addition to three display angles,72∘,62∘and 53,it can be used flat on the desk.Instantly use and so convenient.

Built-in mini-DisplayPort ,HDMI and VGA inputs
The computers,smart phones,digital cameras or game consoles can connect with 1303I as long as it has mini-Displayport or HDMI or VGA video output.You can use On-Lap1303I for most of your 3C products.
(Optional mini-DisplayPort cable and VGA cable)
Ps.HDMI(30/25 Hz) is not supported.More detailed HDMI frequency data is available in "pecification".
Ps.Smart phone,game console,DSC and Macbook don't support external touch screen.

VESA 100, Flexibility for Wall Mount and Tripod
There is! Similar to mounting TV, On-Lap 1303I offers VESA 100 mount that meets international standards. VESA 100 can allow On-Lap 1303I to be installed on arm or wall, offering flexibility for your space and monitor use.It supports 1/4" screw of camera cradle head and can be installed on camera tripod.

Color Adjustment Function
The Red,Green and Blue colors settings can be changed by the "Color Temperature" adjustment function.The "Color Effect" function allows users to adjust the Hue and Saturation of Red/Green/Blue/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta colors.

13.3" ,Ideal Size for Mobile Users
On-Lap 1303I is just 1.05 cm thick and 13.3” in size which is easy to put in the laptop bags.

Best Monitor for Laptop Screen Extension
The On-Lap 1303I is a light and compact 13.3" monitor that meets your every portable need. Driver free and Plug & Play features make it ready to be used anywhere without time and space constraints!

Mini PC or Digital Signage DIY So Easy
Mini-PCs have become PC enthusiast's favorite toy; like Raspberry Pi or Intel NUC. With On-Lap 1303I that supports HDMI input, enthusiasts can create more ways for applications. It also can be used as digital signature for displaying product video or a portable touch computer.

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