IMSP is a software Platform that supports all Large-format Displays and Media playback.

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : No
Delivery Date : 30Day(s)
Current Export Markets : Taiwan, China

Language : English

IMSP (Interactive MediaSymphony Platform) is a PC-based software Platform with the following Functional Attributes:

  • Support all Large-format Displays (eg. Projectors, LCD/LED Screens, and Video Walls etc.) and Media Playback (eg. Single Image/a set of Images, Film, Video, Window/Desktop Contents etc.)
  • With built-in Geometry Correction, Edge Overlapping/Blending and Masking Capabilities.
  • Support both Passive (eg. Film, Multimedia...) and Interactive Contents (eg. 3D Computer Graphics, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality...).
  • Provide basic operations on each Object (eg. Movement, Zoom In/Out, Rotation, and Transparency setting etc.)

On basis of IMSP, we successfully built many practical cases such as the Projection-based "Seamless Digital Signage" (It is called "Light Box". PLS see the Image attached.) for the Park Lane by Splendor at Taichung city in central Taiwan, several "Interactive" Application Systems for the Xixi Hangzhou impression city in China, the "AR Story House" (PLS see the Image attached.) for the National Science and Technology Museum at Kaohsiung city in south Taiwan, and many more. All those proved IMSP's stability and robustness.

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