HiTeach Smarter Teaching System

HiTeach won Taiwan Excellence 2011, Computex 2011 Best Choice Award Jury's Special and Taiwan SMEs.

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : No
Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Language : English

Product Intro

Seamless Integration of Haboard, DC and IRS

The powerful interacting teaching software- HiTeach- seamlessly incorporates Haboard, DC and IRS into one powerful yet user-friendly solution in teaching and learning. It works with every interactive whiteboard, providing all the practical functions such as Pick-Out, Spotlight, Timer, Annotating tools…, etc.

Another important feature of HiTeach is that it is capable of capturing real-time images of paper based materials or physical objects, and projecting them onto the interactive whiteboard via ezVision, our document camera. The captured images can be annotated for various purpose, and further work with IRS to perform all sorts of activities, such as quizzes, buzz-in, Q&A, game competition... etc, to get students’ immediate feedbacks.

The unique multi-picture and recording function of DC

Through the multi-picture comparison function of ezVision, teachers can compare students’ works simultaneously and efficiently, and at the meantime, let them comment, choose or vote for related activities to provoke peer learning. In addition, it also has time-lapse filming function which allows students to observe the continuous process of plants or creatures growing in science observation lessons!

IRS Activities make learning much more fun

Students’ feedback and motivation are important in learning, and HiTeach provides various fun activities to make students engage enthusiastically, including Pick-out, Buzz-in, Q&A, knockout games and Team competition. As real-time statistics showing students’ answers and choices will be obtained from IRS and shown on interactive whiteboard immediately, it also helps teachers understand students’ learning progress.

Links to cloud computing system, quick study and diagnostic analysis.

Data from students in class activities and tests results provided by IRS can be uploaded directly to clouDAS(Cloud Diagnostic Analysis System) for in-depth diagnostic analysis with sophisticated report within one minute! It helps students understand his or her weakness and strengths, stability in learning and the key concept he or she still need to focus on for improvement. It also makes formative and summative assessment valuable for teachers and parents, as in the past they can only rely on the meaningless scores, but now with the scientific analysis, it interprets clearly for students’ performances and learning progress. As a result, teachers can provide related support to individual students effectively.

HiTeach Version

  • HiTeach Premium
    HiTeach Premium supports all kinds of teaching model, making instruction even more varied, buit-in AI Sokrates system to make teacher professional growth more efficient.

  • HiTeach Pro
    HiTeach Pro offers integration with HiLeaning Student Tablet systems on mobile devices including iPAD , Android Pad , Windows Pad , smartphones , and IRS remote controls, enhancing  interaction with the student end.
  • HiTeach TBL
    In the design and various functions of the HiTeach TBL, the primary objective is to provide teachers with three main teaching facility functions pertaining to team-base learning.
    • Facilitation : In  HiTeach TBL, each team of students will be accompanied by a  HiLeaning Student Tablet, which will show the group's name and number. The teacher will be able to send screen pages to every team's tablet, and then students can discuss among themselves.
    • Sharing : The work's section in HiTeach TBL will visually present each team's works. All the works submitted can be shared and presented by the teacher.
    • Assessing and grading : The teacher can assess each team's work by giving points, so that group is positively correlated with the works it achieves. Students can utilize their own IRS clicker to vote and test, exhibiting individual learning motivation on the grounds of team-based learning.
  • HiTeach  Mobile
    HiLearning Mobile is a smartphone app to enhance learning in Smarter Classroom. Its features include IRS tools (quizzes and buzz-in), collecting ideas (receiving and sending messages), sending images, and assignment review (teacher end). (Teacher-end HiTeach Mobile requires Wi-Fi connection.)

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