da Vinci Mini W

da Vinci Mini W

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Miniature 3D printer to make your imaginations come true

  • Chic miniature and lightweight model
    da Vinci mini is the lightest 3D printer model released by XYZprinting. At only 8 kg, da Vinci mini is 30% smaller than da Vinci Jr. to offer greater portability. Quick-fitting nozzles, aluminum platform, and ergonomic grooved handlebar design are coupled with a warm, orange-colored and fashionable casing, making it the best choice for artistic creators.
  • Colored LED status indication and one-button solution
    da Vinci mini streamlined the complicated button-based interface of the da Vinci series and replaced it with a single-button design as well as different colored LEDs to indicate printing conditions.
  • Wireless connection - unrestricted freedom
    da Vinci mini supports Wi-Fi (wireless) printing. Users may utilize the exclusive XYZware software system and easily operate their 3D printers from any corner of their network space or review information on their printing progress, nozzle heating status, material status, and troubleshooting. The new 5th generation 3D algorithm engine of XYZware made further improvements to slicing precision and computing efficiency (by 200%), shortening the preparation time required before printing. These advancements will make 3D printing projects easier than ever before and allow you to print anytime, anywhere.
  • Green Lifestyle and Safe Printing
    Environmental protection starts from the heart. da Vinci mini filaments are made using PLA plastics derived from corn starch, making them biodegradable and greatly reducing the wastage of natural resources. Filaments supplied by XYZprinting have undergone and passed 30 SGS test processes, and are guaranteed to be free from plasticizers (such as DEHP) and heavy metals. Users can be free from concerns about hazardous substances and generate works of premium quality for both the targeted audience as well as the environment.

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