KING 3D Printer

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : Negotiable
Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Solid construction
Entire machine is made from aluminum, uses high quality mold construction with CNC. KING 3DP can print high quality 3D models.

Quality exterior
Processed with 5 steps of Anodizing to produce a high quality black finish.

Automatic leveling technology
Self developed automatic leveling technology, reduces complicated leveling procedures.Can maintain a consistent printing service.

5" colorful LED Touch screen
Uses a large 5" touch screen with customized UI for ease of use and settings control. Multiple languages are supported.

Patented extruder
Supports more than 10 different types of filament, giving you flexibility to create different models. No need to change any components, just change the filament.

Quick release nozzle
KING 3DP uses 0.2-0.6mm nozzle allowing users to select between printing speed or print quality, saving printing time.

Automatic filament detection
KING 3DP will self detect when the filament is depleted and will pause the print, preventing prints to fail. Printing from where it stop after changing filament.

Hot bed
Supports up to 120 degrees C. Supports multiple materials and reduces filament to flex and move on the print bed.

32bit motherboard
KING 3DP uses a more advanced motherboard compared to other 3DP on the market. KlNG 3DP supports fast processing speeds to produce smooth print quality and print speed. Can produce high quality prints.

Wifi module (Option)
Self developed Wifi module allowing KING 3DP to connect wireless. Will work in all working environments. Its notjust easy to use, but can improve the usability of KING 3DP.

heat shield (Option)
Used with various filaments which requires a constant environment temperature. Can prevent prints to fail due to inconstant temperature.

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