Wormhole Switch - Windows & Android

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Language : English

Share, Backup and Transfer ALL of Your Files!
Windows to Windows, Windows to Android, Windows to iPad
The j5create Wormhole Switch (JUC100) provides the latest in mobile computing technology. File sharing between multiple computers can be a pain. With the JUC100 there is no software to install or lengthy settings adjustments. Simply plug the wormhole cable into any combination of Windows PCs or Laptops and you're ready to go - file sharing is simply a click away!

The JUC100 includes KM functionality built in - use either keyboard or mouse to control the other device. Increase your productivity and efficiency with the JUC100 from j5create. When you are using multiple devices it can be a real pain to quickly edit and transfer documents. With the JUC100 you can copy & paste text, pictures, or any other kind of data from one device to the next just as easy as copy and pasting on one computer.

In our fast paced digital lifestyles where we interact using multiple devices and share enormous amounts of data, the Wormhole switch is another "must have" tool from j5create that will simplify your digital life.


* Keyboard and mouse sharing between two connected computers ²
* Single cable solution for file transfer ²
* Drag & Drop to transfer your data between two Windows computers ²
* User-friendly File Shuttle for transferring yo ur data between Windows OS computer ²
* Save or Copy data, graphics, music, or video from a memory card between the two computers. ² * Support Extra Monitor. ²
* Conforms to High-speed USB 2.0 (480Mb/S) transfer rate ²

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