08. KT2 Low Cost Desktop PC

KT Low Cost Desktop PC, Low Cost System, Low Cost PC, Low Cost Computer, Low Cost Intel System PC

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : Negotiable
Current Export Markets : Worldwide, Europe, North America, Mid East/Western Asia, Central/South America, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Taiwan, China, India, Southeast Asia, Africa

Language : English
The EWay MX14, KT2, KT30 system models are medium size low cost PC or low cost server or low cost industrial PC systems. They use Intel 1151 socket for newest Intel 7th generation i3 i5 or i7 CPU, or Celeron Pentium CPU.  The system allows for up to 32Gb of fast DDR4 Ram, with an optional model C53L with 2 LAN and M.2 slots.   Our MX14-C53A is a low cost Industrial PC or low cost Industrial Server, in black Aluminum size 21x23.3x7cm, with rugged style fins, space for 2x 2.5in or 1x 3.5in hard disk to 10Tb, and option for 4 COM.  Our KT2-C53A low cost desktop PC or low cost server has a Gloss black front and size 31x24x6.4cm, with 1x PCIe addon slot and space for x1 2.5/3.5in hard disk/SSD up to 10Tb disk. Our larger KT30 Low Cost Server is grey/black with a size 31x31.5x9cm, with 3x PCIe addon slot (depends on if use C53A x1 or C57A x3 model), and space for 2x 2.5/3.5 hard disk/SSD up to 20Tb total disk.  Our KT30 model can also use our higher end C57A, C57C, X70 other models for Xeon E3 or Xeon E5 CPU.  EWay systems and servers are made in Taiwan for high quality and reliability.

Other Models:
Other models include our smaller MD16 model is Gloss Silver metallic finish, with a size of 20x20x8cm, and space for x1 2.5/3.5in disk or x2 2.5in disk/SSD.   Our MG13 model is high gloss silver metal finish and a size of 24.3x23.4x10cm with space for up to 2x 3.5in hard disk, and it also has room for 1x PCIe addon card with rear slot.  We have many small server models MD, MG, and others, some in black, silver, red, and various styles and sizes such as small square, mini tower, flat style, various rugged industrial PC style, larger tower, or various others.  These can be customized to fit special needs such as addition of  x4 LAN addon card or other special features.  Please request our quote or models document to see the many available MD, MX, KT, RT, MG series and other various models.  For example our KT series has the smaller to medium size KT1 KT2 KT3 KT4 KT5 KT11 and the larger KT30.

EWay Products and 17 Years Business:
EWay has been in business for 17 years and has over 30 years experience in systems, hardware, software, electronics, and related project consulting. We build high quality systems with newest designs for high reliability and high performance. By our high experience we are able to build high quality systems with new designs at much less cost than most companies, yet have the newest designs, chipsets, and processors. EWay provides OEM services and custom configurations to tailor our systems to customer and project needs at affordable costs. Our capacity is expandable as needed and we have processed single orders for over 1000 systems. We look forward to helping your company or project save substantial costs and move to faster newer design systems as well. EWay also provides custom configurations for any quantity from small to large.

EWay manufactures a range of more than 50 different models of low cost mini PC, low cost system, low cost embedded system, low cost desktop PC, low cost server, low cost Intel PC, low price Intel server, low cost Rack Server, low price Rack Mount System, low cost redundant rack systems, low cost Intel systems, and low cost Blade Server as well as related systems. We also provide custom configuration, OEM services, custom design, and over 50 addon options to make a complete custom solution tested and ready to use. EWay has over 2600+ customers including corporate, governments, schools, industrial areas, business projects, casinos, security areas, retail stores, telecoms, factory automation, semiconductor manufacturing, medical systems, and a wide range of many business and commercial areas and industries.

Please see our product sites Low Cost System  www.ewayco.com and Low cost server   www.low-cost-system.com

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