Motorcycle 2-Way Radio

Minimum Order Quantity : Under 1000
Are samples available for this product? : Negotiable
Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Language : English

  • Dual band design covering 136 ~ 175 and 400 ~ 520MHz Max.10W RF output power (PMR446 / FRS / GMRS /....) ,We can support OEM/ODM service.
  • PMR446 / FRS / GMRS..... UHF frequency range supported.
  • Integrate Drive and Passenger intercom
  • AUX-in supported such as radar speed detector, GPS and MP3
  • Waterproof designed
  • Waterproof and extensional control box
  • Main unit with compact and thin design for saving space
  • 70% space of main unit with aluminum material for durable rigid use and better heat sink
  • External motorcycle used dual-band antenna to improve communication range
  • High strength low loss antenna cable to reduce signal attenuation
  • Universal antenna base
  • Main unit with enforced noise-cancelling circuit design

MR-200 Wired Version
  • High strength wind noise-cancelling microphone
  • Dual speakers designed, allowed to remove one for convenient application
  • Leading design of ultra-thin speaker to reduce un-comfortable feeling for wearing helmet
  • Independent control box for Driver cable package, conveniently adjusts volume, power ON/OFF and PTT
  • Independent control box for Passenger cable package, conveniently adjust volume and PTT

MR-200 Bluetooth Version
  • Full function wireless support Include radio communications, intercom external audio input (such as GPS navigation, radar detection...)
  • External installation user friendly
  • Standard design, good compatibility with third-party Bluetooth headsets (ex: Uclear, SENA, Interphone...)

R & D / Factory in Taiwan
Our R&D teams offer a great range of wireless electronic products on the basis of OEM / ODM. We welcome your ideas and will create the best solution for you.
Website: www.win-tec.com.tw
E-mail: sales@win-tec.com.tw

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