TWIN232DB-I RS232 to RS232/RS422/RS485 Converter and Isolator

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : No
Current Export Markets : Europe, Taiwan, China, India, Southeast Asia

Language : English

TWIN232DB-I specifications:

Master RS232 interface: (port A)
* Connector type: DB9 Male connector.
* Signal pin definition: DTE type .
  NOTE : The Ground pin for Common RS232 connector is isolated ground with power input from DC power adapter and other connector
  NOTE: master received data will re-transmit in all slave port. Any received data in slave port will re-transmit in master port..

Slave RS232 interface : (port D)
* Connector type: DB9 Male connector.
* Signal pin definition: DTE type.
  NOTE: The Ground pin for Isolated RS232 connector is isolated ground with other connector.

Slave RS422/485 interface: (port B)
* Connector type: DB9 Male connector.
  NOTE: RS422 or RS485 interface type set by DIP switch bit 2.Other bit is useless.
  NOTE: each port with 5 signal pin TX+ ,TX- , RX+ , RX- , isolated GND.
  NOTE: In RS485 interface type support Auto-Data-Direction-Control feature. Pin 2 and pin3 is shorted as Data+ signal. Pin4 and pin6 is shorted as Data- signal.
  NOTE: In RS485 mode user can use TB485 module to support3 wire terminal block connection..

LED indicator :
* Power: DC power input ON indicator.
* AT/RX : RS232 port A TX/RX signal activity..
* BT/RX : RS485 port B TX/RX signal activity..
* CT/RX : No use here..
* DT/RX : RS232 port D TX/RX signal activity..

Accessories : (option)
* A101 cable : 6 feet DB9 female to DB9 female NULL MODEM cable for PC COM port connection.

Dimension :
* TWIN232DB-I box :90mm (W) * 150mm (L) * 27mm(H)

Power input :
* UP110/UP220 US/EU type power adaptor.
* 100--240 VAC input. 5VDC 1000mA output.
  Current consumption: 400mA @ 5VDC

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