Jorjin J7EF Gaze AR Smart Glasses Wins 2022 Compute Best Choice Award- Golden Award

 Publish Date :2022/05/24

Jorjin J7EF Gaze AR Smart Glasses Wins 2022 Compute 

Best Choice Award- Golden Award

Jorjin’s "J7EF Gaze AR Smart Glasses” participated in the selection of "2022 Best Choice Award" and wins the "Golden Award" in the "Metaverse & XR Application" category!

Jorjin’s Chairman, Tom Liang, says that “Jorjin’s research and development of new product is always people oriented. We’re engaged to improve the human–computer interaction or say brain-computer interface and make AR smart glasses play as an important entrance to Metaverse. This award is an encourage to us and we’ll keep going forward.”

J7EF Gaze maintains its advantages of first-person perspective and hands-free, also enhances the Human-Computer Interface (HCI). The eye-tracking technology traces the direction, speed, distance of dynamic eye movements, gaze target as well as change of pupil radius. It also offers a consistent experience for a broader range of the population with different inter-pupillary distance (IPD) and eye refraction. Besides, with the integration of multiple sensors, the coordination among head motion, gesture control and eye tracking adapt to natural human biology. The “Head-Hand-Eye” HCI are more intuitive, precise and direct, allowing the users to get the “insights” into the Metaverse. It can be used for the filed of manufacturing, exhibition, and medical to facilitate industrial upgrading and digital transformation.

Product Feature

1. Binocular Display:See through, 1080P, 120-inch display performance @5m, 2D/3D mode switch

2. Camera:8MP、Auto focus

3. Eye Tracking: high accuracy, 60Hz gaze output

4. Sensor:IMU (Inertial measurement unit)、Ambient light sensor、TOF (Time of Flight)

5. Power and Signal:Android 8.0 or above, Window 10

6. Interface:USB Type C, support DisplayPort Alt Mode

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