COMPUTEX 2008 Green IT Pavilion: The inquiry for solar energy related products is rising as high as the oil price

Nowadays, when oil prices and electricity prices are becoming a global problem, no amount of bio-fuel or fuel cell can replace the best and also cost-free thermal energy provided by our one and only sun. Even if solar energy isn't new to any of us, but due to the high price of solar cells and modules, it wasn't able to become available to everyone. But since recently, the price for solar cells has begun to drop and it is expected that solar energy related products will rise on the market as long as the oil price keeps rising sky high. Seeing a clear opportunity in this trend, this year's COMPUTEX has specially set up a Green IT pavilion (Shinyi Hall 1,C) . It is also worth mentioning that solar energy related products are among the twenty most anticipated products that were chosen by pre-registered buyers. Now let us take a look at those interesting products! (2008/06/06, Reported by Sara Wu) 


Photo: Green IT is currently one of the hottest products. This is the first time that a Green IT pavilion has been set up, and already there are 24 exhibition booths and 16 manufacturers. Quite an accomplishment.


Photo: OPTI( Booth No.C509 C511)has developed the "Solar Explore Series ", the perfect energy solution for consumers who love outdoor activities. The portable solar bank exhibited onsite weighs 4.2 Kg, is easy to carry and provides 3/6/9/12V of universal DC jack and is therefore suitable for all electronic products. It even has a USB socket installed, to supply energy for computer peripherals and a socket for car-based power sources  to charge the car battery if needed. In addition it also can quickly charge AA and AAA batteries.


Photo: TennRich (Booth No.C414,416) is exhibiting the portable solar energy charger "Apollo". The integrated lithium batteries can be repeatedly charged for about 500 times and take about 4 hours to be fully charged under the sun.  In case of bad weather it can use mains electricity and takes about 2 hours to charge. Energy output is 8W, suitable for mobile devices like cell phones, MP3 players DV recorders etc.


Photo: Also a product by TennRich (Booth No.C414,416), this is a mobile power source/supplier, called Victor. The highest energy output is 70W, has three times the energy storage capacity of notebook computers and weighs only 515g. It can be used in combination with a solar energy charger and be charged with energy anywhere, everywhere.


Photo: WINSTREAM (Booth No:C428,C430) is exhibiting a solar energy "Home Inverter" that is easy to install and simple to use. Besides an internal battery for energy storage, which can be used for UPS (uninterruptible power supplies),  it can even storage surplus energy via external batteries. The maximum energy output is 700W; it weights 23Kg and is hanged on the wall.


Photo: Also by WINSTREAM (Booth No:C428,C430) is another variety of solar energy "Home Inverter". There are two different specifications for this model, which are respectively the 2000W and 4000W model. They are for home use and the surplus energy can even be sold back to the energy company (this feature varies according to country). So beside saving energy you can even earn some money with this device, sounds like a bargain!