ITRI launches new WiMAX terminals
The SoC Technology Center (STC) of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) unveiled the world’s first Personal Internet Device (PID) with built in WiMAX chipset and powered by Android OS. The PID is able to download audio-video files 5 times faster than the current third-generation connection, and the image definition is 2~3 times higher than present DVD format. 
“Consumers can use this smartphone outdoors in the future, they are able to download a 2MB music file within two seconds, and use less than 20 minutes to download a 1GB movie”, said Mr Cheng-Wen Wu, Director of STC.
 ITRI engineers spent about one year working in designing the PID powered by Core Dual CPU, supporting Base Band IC (analog and digital) and Quad Band IC and with built-in antenna. The newly-launched product has the advantages of ultra broadband of WiMAX chipset and the efficient platform provided by Android. So far, the product has acquired around 10 patents.
As the WiMAX chipset and the multi-media chipset of Android are both developed and manufactured in Taiwan, ITRI said it helps to save the cost by 20% and the Institute hopes to assist local companies in developing smarter mobile internet devices (MID) in the future.
ITRI has been developing the 4G wireless technology for local companies to lay the foundation for the future. Earlier this year, ITRI already launched Taiwan’s first chipset PAC Duo that is compatible with Android and able to transmit multi-media data of high definition. The transmission speed will be 5 times faster than 3G if equipped with MIMO Mobile WiMAX chipset, improving smartphone and netbook manufacturers’ product competitiveness.