Royaktek pico projector receives approval from Apple

Eyeing the market potential of pico projector, Quanta’s subsidiary “Royaltek” has successfully entered the market with the newly palm-sized projector RPJ-2000 and notably received approval from Apple, especially compatible to iPhone and iPod. Therefore Royaltek is likely to attract more customers of Apple fans. 
Liang Tzu Cheng, vice president of Quanta said: “If manufacturers are able to further develop the smaller size projectors and equip onto laptops and digital cameras, in the future the profit could be tremendous for the market consisted of 150 million laptops and 130 million digital cameras.”
Royaltek, who was not interested in developing pico projectors at first, but now attaches great importance on this project, highlighting the promising market of this cutting-edge product. 
Royaltek started shipping and expected to jump to 60,000~70,000 units next year. This could possibly make Royaltek the leading player among Taiwanese pico projector manufacturers.

The components RPJ-2000 uses the second generation of LCOS optical engine made by 3M, LED backlight from Osram, and the imaging chipset of the American company Displaytech. The 14-lumen output of RPJ-2000, is much brighter than other products in the market. Also, it is designed with Quanta’s cooling technology, which requires no cooling fan and eliminates the noise. RPJ-2000 comes in two colors choices, black and white.
For the short term basis, Royaltek will focus on its own brand and sell it through PC Home (online store) in Taiwan, while strive to obtain distribution channel for the global market. Presently, there is a Japanese company considering releasing ODM orders to Royaltek.
In 2010, Royaltek is going to develop five new pico projectors, with one model specially equipped with digital TV function in anticipation for the forthcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup, allowing football fans to enjoy the games at anywhere and at any surface. The other four models have similar focus function.