Taiwan flexible display technologies to show a prominent performance
Since Taiwan has been noted for its TFT-LCD display industry, flexible display technologies and related electronic technology and industry will become the next ICT booming opportunity for Taiwan. Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), one a Taiwan nonprofit R&D organization showcased an outstanding research finding in a flexible display and electronics technologies seminar on the 23rd of November. ITRI indicated the result will transfer to related Taiwan ICT companies for further development to promote Taiwan’s ICT industry.

Immersive display technology – light can be cut

The displayed intelligent radial LED utilized soft silicon packing technology in order to enable the LED bean to be cut as the same as a paper that can not only create varied layouts but also adjust the light source according to the environment requirements. No matter soft or white light, one touch from the remote control makes it possible as well as be part of the interior design in a smart home.

Besides the radial LED is available for medical applications integrated with infrared to speed up the healing time.

Eco-friendly speaker – an integration of paper-thin speaker with third-generation solar panel

The paper-thin flexible loudspeaker has drawn a lot of attention during the Taipei International Flora Expo. The thin, light and flexible features of fleXpeaker technology extend speakers’ functions. Furthermore, the flexible loudspeaker integrates with solar panel to retrieve the power supply that can be the variously shaped and most eco-friendly speaker.

The Fastest page flipping - active Cholesteric LCD color e-book

When color e-books are currently the updated development of e-reading devices, Cholesteric LCD (Ch-LCD) featured with high brightness is taken as the mainstream technology of next-generation e-reading devices. The displayed 5” single-layer color Ch-LCD improved the page loading time to reach 10-20 pages in one second about ten times faster than traditional passive Ch-LCD or EPD. This Ch-LCD can play animation more smoothly.

ITRI indicated that the existing flat panel manufacturing equipments can be utilized for the new Ch-LCD panel. The new Ch-LCD is also thinner and lighter than a traditional color Ch-LCD. The thin-light, wide viewing angle and easy implantation of production process of new Ch-LCD might be a way out for small-to-medium size