Exhibitors of COMPUTEX TAIPEI fallback slightly on Q2 economic prosperity confidence
The Taipei Computer Association (TCA) announces the result of quarterly economic prosperity confidence survey that the recent earthquake hit Japan did affected the exhibitors of COMPUTEX TAIPEI fell back slightly on second quarter. The COMPUTEX Exhibitors Index (CEI) is rated at 1.64, which is the lowest in the last three quarters of survey results but still within the Good rating.

Other results of the survey showed that 43 percent of the enterprises felt Good view and Average Above view on Q2, 32% of them felt Good view, while 25% of the enterprises deeply bothered and gave Bad rating. The percentage of enterprises saw Good to Above Average view dropped to 43% on Q2, from 53% on Q1. The percentage of enterprises gave Bad view and Below Average view increase dramatically to 25% on Q2 from 16% on Q1. One percent increased on Good view by the enterprises to 32%.

Fig. 1: 43% of COMPUTEX exhibitors felt Good to Above Average view on Q2

Source: TCA, 2011.03

Felt slightly lower after Japan's earthquake calamity, the prosperous confidence of SME still higher than average
The analyses of the interviewed enterprise were based on their total capitals. The CEI index from large-scale enterprises, whose total capital is higher than US$50 millions hit 1.76. The CEI index from enterprises, whose total capital lies between US$ 10 ~ 50 million is 1.69; CEI Index from enterprises, whose total capital are under US$10 million reached 1.64. Generally, the medium to large enterprises felt slightly lower after Japan's earthquake calamity.

Fig. 2: Economic prosperity confidence of medium-to-large enterprise slightly higher than "Good" views

Source: TCA, 2011.03

Enterprises engage in PC system and photo-electronics are optimistic on Q2 despite of earthquake disaster
Distinguish by exhibition areas, the exhibitors of PC system and photo-electronics were optimistic and see Good view on Q2. The main reason is the Tablet PC and e-Book reader remain the hottest products with manufacturers of smart handheld devices are preparing to introduce their latest products scheduled to release on March and April. Manufacturers in the components and storage felt bad in obviously decline.

Fig. 3: CEI index is higher than the average for exhibitors of the System and the Photo-electronics areas

Source: TCA, 2011.03

The period survey took place was from March 15~24 with 332 effective samples out of total 1,224 respondents from the Taiwanese exhibitors.

Majority of the international buyer have similar view on Q2 as the suppliers
TCA also took survey on the international buyers to answer the questionnaire published on the www.computex.biz. According to the result of survey, the average index of the whole buyers is 1.72, which is in the Very Good area. The results from the international buyers and the suppliers are very similar. The origin of buyers by continent is divided as 60% from Asia, 22% from Europe, 8% from North America, 5% from South America and 5% from Africa. There were 397 effective samples out of 5,099 buyers did participated.