COMPUTEX 2011: Tablet PCs bring more applications into new era
It is easy to use fingers to interface with computers, brings ICT companies to develop diversified products especially the Tablet PCs. The organizer of world's most ICT supply chain exhibition COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2011, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) indicated that the Tablet PCs are most favored product in the consumer sector where many Taiwanese companies with rich experiences in the embedded system technology will display array of tablet PCs in wide variety such ultra-thin type, ultra-light type, high efficient, industrial-type and more, which go beyond the portability and internet accessibility, all these will display during the Computex Taipei exhibition.
 High demand of information and entertainment, ultra-thin and ultra-light Tablet PCs are the mainstream
 These words namely: Light, Thin, Short and Small are today's main demand of the Tablet PCs, because of the information characteristic in today's life brought the most difficult to fulfill where consumers required to access internet for any kind of information to search and to share, send emails any time, in additional functions to include the multimedia entertainment, which Tablet PC is the replacement of Netbook PC, go after the basic functions of smartphones and becomes one of the main tools to access information and multimedia entertainment.
 Facing the market demand, manufacturers such as Lian He, Acer, Asustek, Nvidia, MiTAC, ECS, Compal, VIA Technologies, vTion and others preparing to display their own of Tablet PCs, powered by Google Android OS, and all sort of website services, more applications that can be download from the marketplace, offering consumers better user experiences, where each manufacturer offers exclusive software and hardware package, added value functions, in order to improve user's operation efficiently.
 High-end Tablet PCs are aiming at the commercial clients
 The main target of ultra-thin and ultra-light type Tablet PC is generally on the consumers where its functions of software and hardware are specifically designed and directed on the recreation entertainment sector, however for business-type Tablet PC, this kind of Tablet PC along with function are not enough, where the demand of more programs such as Office software is required, turns into the down side of the Tablet PC. In order to squeeze into the commercial market, manufacturers including Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Acer, Asustek, Lian He, FIC and other companies are said to exhibit high-end Tablet PCs.
 Beside the hardware specification of a product, the Android and the Windows are the two operating systems can be chosen with, including the software functionality with built-in Office programs that can access any file format from Word, Excel or Power Point, simultaneously retrieve these files from the company's server. The demand from business clients for input alphabets is very critical, many manufacturers will custom-made for the design of its input system, including the external keyboard and peripherals in accord to the demand from the commercial market.
 Industrial Tablet PCs are here, introduce new category in the industry
 The Tablet PC is the combination of mainboard, display panel, keyboard, input/output interface and other key components that efficiently reduce the degree of difficulty for industrial device design, in addition to the embedded system can be found everywhere especially the automation equipment around our lives (for instance, ticketing machine, vending machine, POS, ATM, etc.). In order to let these equipments to be more interactive functions, Computex's exhibitors led by IEI, Arbor, Winmate, DT Research, Sambest, Aplex, Samwell, Spacewizard and so forth are going to display various kinds of industrial Tablet PCs with specialized features such as anti-shock, dustproof, water resistant and other tough features depending on the specific environmental demand.
 COMPUTEX creates more business opportunity as the Tablet PCs in entry, mid and high-end levels to choose from
 More than 100 models of Tablet PCs expected to exhibit during COMPUTEX. Besides the manufacturers mentioned above, other exhibitors including Hengan, Hotfrog, Wanxin Image, AMtek, iMoney, Gajah Technology, CeoMate, Apextech Group and etc. are exhibit all kinds of Tablet PCs come in different size, different functions, specifications in several series for entry level to mid-level and high-end level, which incorporate with specific software design that fulfill the market demands for overseas buyers to choose from at one-stop procurement platform and services.