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pASUS G51 Notebook
iASUS G51 Notebook
ASUS G51 Notebook Buyer's vote
Page view
The 15.6-inch ASUS G51 notebook is a new generation digital entertainment center.

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vASUS G51 Notebook

pProjected Capacitive Touch Panel,IC
iProjected Capacitive Touch Panel,IC
Projected Capacitive Touch anel,IC Buyer's vote Page view
HIGGSTEC Projected Capacitive Touch Panel, Touch Screen, Touch IC (PCT, Multi Touch, Multi-Touch)

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vProjected Capacitive Touch Panel,IC

Morph-I Buyer's vote Page view
Morph-I is a 2-in-1 design, features separated monitor and main base. This feature makes it easily for future platform or monitor upgrade.

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pSC-895G 8channels 3G VoIP Terminal  
iSC-895G 8channels 3G VoIP Terminal  
SC-895G 8channels 3G VoIP Terminal  Buyer's vote Page view
SunComm 8SIM 3G VoIP Terminal with 8SIM 1WAN SC-895G,UMTS Tri band.

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vSC-895G 8channels 3G VoIP Terminal

WADE-8067   Buyer's vote Page view
Leading Intel® 45nm Core™ 2 Duo processor or Celeron® M processor b.

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pUltraStor RS16 IP-4 
iUltraStor RS16 IP-4 
UltraStor RS16 IP-4  Buyer's vote Page view
The Quad GbE iSCSI storage system has a compact 3U 16-disk SATA HDD rackmount design.

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vUltraStor RS16 IP-4

pVitiny Pro-10
iVitiny Pro-10
Vitiny Pro-10  Buyer's vote Page view
Vitiny Pro10 create an innovatively digital mobile microscope concept.

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vVitiny Pro-10

VPC6000 Buyer's vote Page view
Infotainment and entertainment Car PC system.

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SY-001  Buyer's vote Page view
Water-cooled computer chassis of integrative shaping.

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ARG-23gA Buyer's vote Page view
High Power WiFi USB adapter - 27dBm + external anntena.

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