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Meet TOP 30 Suppliers at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2012


  About " TOP 30 Supplier on "

Hi, everyone! I am Brother Plug. Here we are once again with you in the COMPUTEX TAIPEI annual exhibition.

I am going to introduce you an extraordinary new prize, “ TOP 30 Supplier on ” certificate award this year from the website that I am responsible for. It listed top 30 COMPUTEX 2012 exhibitors in each global buyers’ most inquiried and viewed on the website. They are the most popular suppliers by global buyers during the year after the COMPUTEX 2011 was over.

At the same time, we also set up the Top 30 area to present the most popular and reliable providers to you, so you can have the full guide before entering the expo to purchase after all this year. It can not only help you spend less time on searching for products purchasing data, but also save you a good amount of time for negotiating the cooperation agreements with trustworthy exhibitors.

Brother Plug can’t wait to see you all again in the expo. Now let’s take a look at which outstanding suppliers draw global buyers’ attention this year in each “ Most-inquiried Supplier ” and “ Most-viewed Supplier ” category.


Hello, everyone! I am Brother Plug’s girlfriend, Miss Plug. Following a year of the end of the COMPUTEX 2011 expo, what I’m most excited about is the website that Brother Plug and I managed, released more services and features over a long time planning. The suppliers can edit product introduction and awards content in multi-language and provide links to related info as international buyers can also find their procurement targets easily, in which way allows me to know more Spanish and Japanese buyers., which has already been built by COMPUTEX TAIPEI’s co-host organization Taipei Computer Association in 1996, plays an important role in global industries’ decision reference with ICT product purchasing and continues to select the most reliable partners for buyers and suppliers.

While you are here at the expo, please do drop by at the TOP 30 Supplier's Booth! And if you are lucky enough to catch us, feel free to take a picture with us!!