About TOP 30 Supplier on Computex.biz


Welcome to Computex.biz! I am Brother Plug. Here we are once again at COMPUTEX! During this year, I will besides work on improving our website and make it more intuitive for searching ICT products, also invite you to the second year of “Top 30 Supplier on Computex.biz.”

This time I will not only provide you with the top 30 Most-viewed Suppliers and Most-inquired Suppliers at last year’s expo, but also show the list of the top 30 Most Active Suppliers generating high click rates through online marketing. Therefore, our top 30 Suppliers will include all range of products and customers: starting from 1st tier and 2nd tier players, along with important producers plus white-box suppliers, and of course not omitting the companies with great potential in Taiwan.

Want to have all the information you need in one click? Want to find the most trustworthy companies with good credits? Want to arrange all the meeting with them even before arriving at COMPUTEX? Then, you must not miss TOP 30 Suppliers on Computex.biz! Please click on the list above to find your matching suppliers based on your needs!




Greetings everyone! My name is Miss Plug and June is always my preferred period in the year, during which I work with Brother Plug in managing Computex.biz! I love dancing and introducing new partners to my friends suppliers and buyers.

The first year’s TOP 30 Supplier was a great success and we created a lot of new friendship opportunities! So with the grand start of the second year’s event coming, it is encouraging me to be even more active in promoting Computex.biz along with managing the website, and helping buyers to find their adequate suppliers.

As usual, Brother Plug and I will meet you at COMPUTEX on 6/4-8 this year and you will feel the warmest hospitality at our most-recommended booth -TOP 30 Supplier on Computex.biz. If you are ready to make a purchase at the expo, please drop by and check if we are there. Feel free to take photos and dance with us, meeting new friends among the TOP 30 Suppliers!