Founded in 1983, Clevo has achieved a fine reputation as a developer and manufacturer of notebook computers. Due to our product positioning  in the hight-tech and niche market, we have won many honors in computer product evaluation conducted from the professional press and overseas consumers have given our sales a  rapid boost. It also explains why we have been ranked as fourth among Taiwanese outstanding exporters.

Clevo is one of the most important notebook computer manufacturers for distributors and also one of the world's most preferred OEM/ODM partners. We market our products in more than 50 countries and have established service centers in USA,Germany,Britain,China, and Taiwan.

Demands for faster time-to-market and product quality have increased in recent years, and Clevo has managed to successfully keep with these demands by adhering to the Clevo core philosophy of Qu@liquiC (Quality,Quick).  This philosophy allows us to strive to meet our delivery schedule in order to serve both smaller start-up ventures, and multinational companies that require a variety of products in large quantities. Therefore, due to our flexibility and efficiency, we can always provide our customers with various product selections in small quantities.

Appropriately qualified and dynamic Clevo R&D teams concentrate on a series of various products including Tablet PCs, LCD PC's , notebook computers, Information Appliance products and Wireless products. Our product development reflects the market demand which came  from our experienced and successful customers' marker information.