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The Promises of Cloud Computing

In the late of last year, IDC made top 10 ICT predictions on Taiwan and the first three things are related to Cloud Computing. Moreover, a recent report from IDC suggested that the market moving towards an era of consolidation, new delivery models like cloud computing will drive the next phase of IT services growth where many enterprises around the are actively evaluating the potential benefits of cloud computing a several models such as public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud.

Around the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 exhibition
The recent concluded COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 exhibition the Cloud Computing is one the four hottest industry's trends where series of speeches and discussions devoted to cloud computing technology were conducted, according to co-organizer Taipei Computer Association (TCA). The Cloud computing provides "highly available" services and data stored on servers through Internet network (the cloud) that users can access with devices such as computers, set-top-box, and smart phones anytime via connected to the Web.

During the exhibition days, several foreign powerhouse enterprises including Google, Microsoft, ARM and Intel conducted seminars and forums. The e21 Forum has invited Mr. David Perlmutter, executive vice president general manager, Intel Architecture Group who delivered keynote speech and touched on the latest version of Tablet PCs.

Google for the first-time sent Mr. Sundar Pichai (above right), Vice President of Product Management at Google Inc. who delivered speech at the 2010 Cloud Computing Forum. The topics involved Google's software operating systems including Chrome and Android.


While Microsoft Mr. Steven Guggenheimer (left), corporate vice president of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Division at Microsoft Corp., has outline how the company continues to deliver expanded partner opportunities to support rich and connected experiences. Microsoft also held a 3-hours long seminar where Guggenheimer gave a guided tour through over 100 products from 60 partners.
In the Cloud Computing Forum, Mr. Tudor Brown of ARM president said: "It may have been around for a long time, but now cloud computing is about to take off." Qualcomm and Nvidia showcase their ARM-based mobile devices where Qualcomm introduced smartbooks while Nvidia has its Tegra 2 platform, ideal for Tablet PCs.

Local ICT hardware manufacturers
Perhaps, three sections of the Cloud Computing can be provided by Taiwan ICT hardware manufacturers. The three sections are wireless connection via WiMAX technology, Server Solutions and Portable Devices.

According to WiMAX Forum President Ron Resnick once said that WiMAX technology has distinctive advantage over other telecommunication technologies due to its network infrastructure laid ahead and the early adaptation of many users to access high speed with Mobile Internet Device (MID) wirelessly.

The WiMAX applications and products were displayed by many exhibitors including Global Mobile, VMAX Telecom, Vee Telecom, First International Telecommunication (FITEL), Tatung Infocomm, AW3, QNO Technology and Gemtek Technology in TWTC Hall1. The TWTC Nangang Hall 4 displayed many storage servers' solutions and portable devices. The hottest is the Tablet PCs where Asus, FIC, Acer, MSI, ECS, Gigabyte, VIA Technologies, Mio Technology and so forth.

Government supports Cloud Computing market
On May 31st, a day before Computex Taipei starts, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) hosted its annual Taiwan Business Alliance Conference as they discussed about the arrival of a new 3C industry, namely cloud computing, connectivity and client devices.

After analyzing the feasibility of Cloud computing, the government is tapping this market by investing NT$24 billion in a period of over the next five years to promote the development of related cloud computing technologies, infrastructure, software applications and devices. At the same time, the government formed Taiwan Cloud Computing Consortium with private sector last April.

Publishdate : 2010/06/14
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