• Formosa21: Top maker of remote controllers, opens the consumer's world through cloud (2012/06/07)

    Formosa21 will base on the vivid experience to developer the Remote solution for personal computer, notebook and home television, presenter and audio peripherals. Formosa21 was founded in 1984, and established in Taiwan, with branch office in the United Stated. aim is the trademark of Formosa21 Inc., abbreviation of Ahead in Multimedia; the core competition is multimedia communication. F=M2C Future= Multi Media & Communication is our dream and future. Read More
  • ADDA unveils New Revolution OSMART AC FAN with Energy-Saving and Super Silent Features (2012/06/01)

    Over thirty years, ADDA has endeavored herself in developing new thermal management solutions. Along with its accumulated sound experiences of thermal related product R&D, ADDA works closely with several global leading vendors to develop corresponding cooling system in their R&D phases and echoes with global green product movement to develop low-consumption high-efficiency product circuit. Besides, all manufacturing materials and production process meet both lead free and RoHS requirements Read More
  • AP 3D Glasses : Create Perfect 3D Visual Experience with Optical-grade 3D Glasses! (2012/05/30)

    AP(Aspect Perfection) polarization 3D glasses come from ACTIF/FUTIS, a manufacturer of polarized lenses and glasses who is leading the optical technologies in the world and adopting advance optical technologies in the industry and exclusive stereo colored lenses to produce high-quality polarized glasses Read More
  • DAGi: Accurate Transparent Capacitive Stylus Pen Expert from Taiwan (2012/05/20)

    DAGi Corporation Ltd. is a Taiwan capacitive stylus design house and manufacturer founded in 2009, main products are Transparent Capacitive Stylus Pen. DAGi’s advantage is R&D capabilities and owns multi-national patents related to transparent capacitive stylus. Read More
  • HaBook : Smarter Classroom & E-Learning Solutions Provider from Taiwan (2012/05/15)

    AClass Learning Technology Inc. is an associated company of HaBook Information Technology Inc., founded in 1999 by the board of 4 information technology experts – Mr. Michael Wu, Mr. Stephen Wu, Dr. Steven Liang, and Dr. Sams Wang. AClass has been designing and producing innovate and powerful tools and systems for the past 12 years, and meets teachers’ and students’ needs due to the fact that the four executive members all have the same background in technology and education for more than 20 years Read More
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