AP 3D Glasses : Create Perfect 3D Visual Experience with Optical-grade 3D Glasses!

AP(Aspect Perfection) polarization 3D glasses come from ACTIF/FUTIS, a manufacturer of polarized lenses and glasses who is leading the optical technologies in the world and adopting advance optical technologies in the industry and exclusive stereo colored lenses to produce high-quality polarized glasses.

All processes are completed on a consistent production line in the factory, from research, design, manufacturing, and packing. Insisting 100% quality requirements, AP has been designated by all well-known brands of glasses for productions and manufacturing. Now, abiding the same insistence in quality, AP launched its own brand of polarization 3D glasses to provide consumers 3D stereo more vivid and pleasing with more competitive prices and more options in the various vogue features.

AP showcases Optical-grade 3D Glasses with Sunglass Feature

In COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2012, AP will showcase optical-grade 3D Glasses with sunglass feature which have multiple options of materials and figures with metal frames or plastic frames, from clip on type, fit over type, kiddle type, normal type to stylish type. AP polarization 3D glasses Stylish DM1102 comes with metal frame, UV380 protection, 0.8MM thickness of lens, 6C lens curve, 100% anti-scratch design, boiling water test passed and other outstanding figures.

AP polarization 3D glasses have following features :
(1)Applicable Real D Theatre Stereo and 3D passive televisions.
(2)Advance technologies of polarized lenses provides vivid and virtual 3D images.
(3)No battery required to prevent harms of electromagnetic waves and extra costs.
(4)Comfortable, light, and ergonomic, suitable for long term use.
(5)Super wide visible range to be viewed from any angle for superior 3D images by many people at the same time.
(6)100% anti-scratch design, boiling water test passed and quality guaranty.
(7)UV protection, outstanding figure.
(8)Multiple options of materials and figures with metal frame or plastic frame, from clip type to children's type.

AP polarization 3D glasses Fit all-brand 3D Passive TVs on the market

There are many home appliance manufacturers have introduced passive 3D TV including LG, VIZIO, Toshiba, AUO and etc. Active and Passive 3D TVs have similar pricing, but Passive 3D glasses are easy to use, wear and at reasonable price. Most of 3D glasses on the market come with poor quality of 3D lenses, so that the reason users can not feel the true visual effect of 3D passive TVs.

AP polarization 3D glasses utilize the precise polarizing technology that leads the world to create vivid and stereophonic images with which users can enjoy the visual experiences in 3D passive theatre at home. Ergonomic design makes it light and comfortable. Super wide viewing range allows users sharing videos with families and friends. AP polarization 3D glasses fit all-brand 3D passive televisions on the market. Special UV protection lenses accommodated in glasses frame with vogue design can be fit with fashions outstandingly. AP 3D glasses bring users new perfect visual experience at home and outdoor activities.

Exbri bring Healthy AP polarization 3D glasses to the global market

Exbri Technology, Global Agency of AP polarization 3D glasses, said that “Along with the maturation of 3D display technologies and the popularization of 3D contents, entertainment gradually changes from 2D to 3D. Pursuing stereo and special effects has become a fashion and has been spread from movie theatre to living room at home. The applications are more popular, including 3D television, computer, and video game. “

At the same time seeking extreme audio and video effects, new generation also advocates healthy, nature, and comfortable entertainments. The 3D glasses applied with polarization have the advantages, such as no charging required, no radiation, light weight, and wearing comfortably. In this 3D fashion, it is more favorable by consumers. Exbri Technology is taking the lead of HEALTHY 3D glasses with Optical-grade AP 3D glasses!

More AP stylish 3D Glasses will be displayed during COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2012 !

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Publishdate :2012/05/30