ADDA unveils New Revolution OSMART AC FAN with Energy-Saving and Super Silent Features

Over thirty years, ADDA has endeavored herself in developing new thermal management solutions. Along with its accumulated sound experiences of thermal related product R&D, ADDA works closely with several global leading vendors to develop corresponding cooling system in their R&D phases and echoes with global green product movement to develop low-consumption high-efficiency product circuit. Besides, all manufacturing materials and production process meet both lead free and RoHS requirements.

In order to ensure the volume production quality, ADDA fulfills the quality promise from business creating through R&D assessment, design and volume production to meet ISO/TS 16949 international quality standards and provides modeling statistics for client R&D engineers’ references that can both improve client’s development progress and obtain the product certified. After the trial run for new molding, ADDA QA engineers start a reliability test to go through sixteen items to confirm the volume production presenting the quality clients requested. ADDA has become one of the Top 3 Fan manufacturers in Taiwan and stood 12% global quantity market share.

ADDA OSMART AC FAN is the 1st AC FAN applying AC Temperature Control Matrix Circuit

ADDA Corp. CEO Roger Hsu says: "ADDA OSMART AC FAN is A New Revolution! OSMART AC FAN is the 1st AC FAN applying AC Temperature Control Matrix Circuit with Energy-Saving and Super Silent Features!"

OSMART AC FAN is the New Series of ADDA AC FAN family for the industry. Ordinary AC FAN is limited by rated input frequency, which the speed cannot be controlled or altered. OSMART AC FAN is the 1st AC FAN applying AC temperature control matrix circuit that alters its speed upon ambient temperature change, hence saving more energy. At low cooling requirement mode, it saves energy as high as 60%. It’s the best combination of AC fan’s high cooling performance and smart fuzzy technology. Users can adjust the rated speed of OSMART AC FAN whether manually or by customized the circuit, so that more energy is saved.

OSMART AC FAN has FOUR working phases. At “Ramp up” phase, it speeds up the fan gradually smooth according to temperate. At “Operating” phase, fan works the same power consumption and speed. At “Cooling” phase, the speed of OSMART AC FAN has effectively dcrease due to temperature drop to save energy. At “Idle” phase, OSMART AC FAN lowers the speed to idle mode, where Normal AC keeps operating continuously.

OSMART AC FAN is applicable in Commercial, Industrial and latest Technological areas

OSMART AC FAN speed range can be customized in order to meet the needs of customers on the effectiveness and power.

In commercial area, OSMART AC FAN can be applied to Combination Oven, Freezer and Freeze Cabinet. For industrial equipments, it can be installed at Power Backup Station, Industry Power Supply Rack, Uninterruptible Power System and Power Welding Machine. For latest technological area, OSMART AC FAN can be thermal solution for Solar Plant Panel, Automation Controller Box and Electrical Car Charge Station.

In order to meet the needs of customers on the effectiveness and power, the temperature sensor unit of the OSMART AC FAN speed range can be customized in a fixed location, preferred inside the fan body frame or place it according to the system design in the most efficient heat exchange, reducing the energy consumption of excessive heat.


ADDA OSMART AC FAN receives the Best Choice Award under the Green ICT 2012 category due to the product’s accreditation that can be adjusted according to the cooling equipment or environment temperature fan speed, instead of the normal AC fan, saving 30% energy.

This year continues to develop the "Home" concept as a B2B2C pattern extension for 8 major application categories (Studio/ Kitchen/ Living room/ Garage/ Telecom/ AC Fan/ Thermal module/ Medical Equipment) integrated into planning, by overcame the general enterprise to solve the enterprise thermal solution, through design the best cooling solution that meet end-user needs and its potential, propagating a user language-"HOME" concepts through product innovation and design, by bringing the fan heat sink technology into daily life, so that users can easily understand the hard work and excellence of heat dissipation technology to the new millennium, to show the new market development in non-IT industries with strong determination!!

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Publishdate :2012/06/01