Formosa21: Top maker of remote controllers, opens the consumer's world through cloud

Mr. Sharming Lin, the chairman of board and chief technology & marketing officer of Formosa21 Inc. is a well-educated and passionate person who devoted his time to product development and new applied technologies.

In these days, many people have at least one portable device such as smartphone, tablet PC or mobile computing, either at home or bring it with them where they can access information instantaneously. With 21 years of rich experience in multimedia, Formosa21 is developing wide range of audio products, remote controllers and other peripherals gadgets, which the company is proud to introduce several new products shown below:

G/Gyro-sensor: model RC240
RC240 is a protocol based remote control that instantly turns your LCD TV into IP TV. The device comes in two units, a Remote Controller (RC) and an USB receiver. Formosa21 develops its own UI software using latest HTML 5 to ease configuration and setup the Over The Top from any website such as YouTube, save to any program to any of 9 folders with few clicks on the RC buttons, as the user connects the USB receiver into PC.

For instance, an user like to watch TV soap opera that save the entire program via RC or a parents want to save cartoon channel to allow their children to watch in his/her room. The Over The Top is an official profile of popular websites such as YouTube or Facebook that people like to upload videos or music and share it over the internet. A VGA cable / HDMI cable is needed to inter-connects the VGA/HDMI output of PC to VGA/HDMI In of LCD TV.

The application of RC240 is presently starts at home, as Formosa21 is hoping to expand the application of RC240 to other commercial industries such as hotel, hospital and even education in the future.

iBullet: model AS307
It is an USB audio adapter that allows the Headset of any typical smartphone, whether an Apple or an Android to work in laptop or desktop PC. Simply plug the USB audio and plug  the Headset to this USB audio, the user can start listens the pure digital sound or use the microphone function where require talking to a friend over the internet, such as Skype or MSN chat. PC configuration is needed. The specifications are 4 pole 3.5 mm Jack-In, 93dB SNR Stereo-Out and mono Microphone In. In this way, you don't need to prepare another Headset that has independent Microphone and Heandphone plugs for your NB/PC.

Formosa21 introduces a new speaker unit named iWiFi. It allows the user to virtually control and transmit any audio sounds from any smartphone to the speakers in separate locations via wireless AP router. In order for iWiFi to works, it follows the standard protocol setup by the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), giving almost flawless digital sounds.

Formosa21 @ COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2012
Formosa21 is displaying many remote controller (RC) models such as Motion RC, Track Ball RC, QWERT RC, Touch Pad RC and GoogleTalk RC. Other products include wide-angle IR or reliable RF communication protocol, also friendly user interface that includes motion, track ball and touch pad, directional focus IR dongle (IR603S), wide -angle IR dongle (IR603T) and miniUSB dongle (IR603) will be pairing with remote controls. High quality audio includes WiFi, uncompressed RF Transceiver pair, USB Audio 2.0 and true PCIe sound card. Any interested buyer can visit Formosa21 Inc. at booth # C1311, 1F TWTC Hall 1. Live product demonstration is conducted for partners and solution seekers. Formosa21 offers product design and solutions, including manufacturing process to assure high quality standard to every device.

Contact Information
Company: Formosa21 Inc.
Contact Person: Eunice
Location: Hall 1, 1F Peripherals & Accessories Area 
Booth No.: C1311

Interviewed by Webb Wei

Publishdate :2012/06/07