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Acer founder says Microsoft Win8 Surface Tablet is a short-term strategy

A day after Microsoft Steve Ballmer introduced Surface Tablet drew huge attention from local enterprises including Acer's founder, Mr. Stan Shih, expressing his opinion that Microsoft's own brand Windows 8 Surface Tablet is a short-term strategy, which Microsoft is using its strength, pushing the entire eco-system to achieve positive effect.

Shih believed that for Microsoft would not have any problem in dealing with hardware, but the service plan is entirely different, including the after-sales service, RMA problem that Microsoft is hoping to create sensation news for the industry to heats up the market as the company has been in the PC industry for more than two decades, earning money from the software side is quite easy. Similarly in the past where Intel introduced its own motherboard, which later decided not to direct compete with Taiwanese motherboard makers. Shih said in a warning: "Software company enters in hardware business needs to be more careful for gaining good profits is not easy."

Shih also pointed out the way back in 2001 when Acer introduced first Tablet PC, Microsoft and other enterprises experienced poor response that lead to unsuccessful result. Shih said: "Microsoft is likely to use its own resources to contribute into the ecosystem, but only lasted for six months, just to heat-up the market, which I believe the entire industry will benefit and should be a positive move."

Publishdate :2012/06/20