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Source reported that Microsoft may introduce its own brand Win 8 Tablet Surface

Microsoft has issued an invitation to media representatives to attend a major announcement in Los Angeles on June 18, which the company did not disclose any information regarding the press conference. However, a report surfaced in Beijing, China (June 19) saying the Microsoft has introduced its own Windows 8 tablet computer under its own brand of Microsoft Surface, which will run on Windows RT and Windows 8Pro versions, which brings new surprises for many. The Beijing report also a video clipping where Microsoft Steve Ballmer was making an introduction about the Microsoft's history and Windows products, including XBox and Kinect hardware.

Also in the Beijing report that revealed Microsoft Win8 Tablet Surface with possibly specifications as follows: weighs 1.5 lbs (675 g), only 9.3 mm thick, magnesium alloy case, 10.6-inch display, built-in WiFi with extension interfaces including HDMI and USB 2.0. There are magnets on the tablet computer with an attached cover plate, which is not only serve as the protection of tablet computers but more of a complete set of detachable multi-touch keyboard and touchpad (3 mm). The software commonly used Windows 8 includes the new Metrofied version of Netflix.

Publishdate :2012/06/19