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Win 8 lifts eye revolution, Hon Hai owns this key technology

Mr. Terry Gou (left insert in white shirt), chairman of Hon Hai Precision said the Windows 8 represents many input devices from the mouse to keyboard, has change into a fingers control through touch screen and voice-activated; which Windows 8 will not only use the high resolution screen, but also includes eye control and voice-activated mode can also be used in the future, is what Hon Hai has accessed to this key technology.

Gou estimated that there are 3 manufacturers in the world now in high resolution of the screen technology competitive, which also includes Hon Hai as one of them. Hon Hai has own team that composed of retinal and ocular (eyeball) group, which formed collaborative research with Sharp and Innolux (merger with the Chi Mei) in joint development of high-resolution display technology to reduce radiation and eye control technologies, but also extends to the home automation applications.

Gou predicted that the small and medium size high resolution panels will soon out of stock, which Hon Hai is is currently preparing meet this problem by focusing technologies of touch panel and high resolution panel, which the company has mastered ahead by 3~5 year trend.

During the shareholders meeting in Tucheng recently, Gou said the biggest changes in Win 8 is not in the software, but the changes are in its applications and hardware. In terms of application, Gou said the Win 8 will have eyes or voice-activated control interface modes in the future, which will entirely change the way software interface operations.

Gou believed that multiple touch points of Win 8 expanded for user's age that brings hope and changes in the industry; Win 8 involves the technical chronological arrangement in the following order of mechanical, optical, materials, software and battery, which Hon Hai has also keep in step by step progress in mechanical, optical, materials technology, software vertical integration and on the battery energy-saving technologies.

Gou stressed that Hon Hai will enter into the "Eight Screen In One Cloud" (literally translated from Chinese characters) that covers cell phones, tablet computers, laptops, TV, portable TV, educational displays, medical displays, light-emitting diode (LED) display terminal for outdoor applications over remote networking using the cloud.

Publishdate :2012/06/18