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Preview of Windows 8 wins the first battle at COMPUTEX 2012

The COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2012, the world's most complete industry's supply chain exhibition, closed its curtain today with huge success. The Taipei Computer Association (TCA) expressed that the success of COMPUTEX is triggered by the first battle in the preview of Windows 8 Eco System! From processors, touch control chip, ultra-thin panels, lightweight chassis components to other including Win8 hardware products such as tablet PC, Ultrabook, AIO and so forth, all displayed during the COMPUTEX exhibition, which matching the Metro UI touch interface, the cloud computing services, showing the full Win8 system in the convergence in advantage of 4C, attracting enormous attention in all sectors including foreign and local media, international companies and global buyers!

Number of overseas buyers remains flat
According to statistics, the number of overseas buyers hit 36,500, which is the same figure as of last year, which the variants among country remain minimal. By ranking, Japan is ranked first, followed by the United States who slipped to second place, Mainland China is on third place; while the buyers from the emerging countries showed increased in numbers, but the number of buyers from European had reduced dramatically due to European debt problems. The top 10 countries are Japan, United States, mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Russia and Thailand.

"Convertible" type of Win8 devices create new business opportunities
The Windows 8 has created a new concept that boosting the industry with more type of devices to hook with cloud computing, letting the Win8 products to meet the actual needs of consumers where many manufacturers launched various devices including "transformer" tablet PC, "transformer" notebook and "transformer" AIO, which crossing through different platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows, allowing the consumers to upload personal data, photos and others stuff to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks through the cloud services to meet the present generation of network trend integration.

Samsung debut legions of computers at COMPUTEX debut
Samsung: have participated in this year's COMPUTEX exhibition for the first time, which the company had displayed its development strength in computer products including notebooks in Series 5, Series 7, and Series 9 with each series has three items, also multi-touch Windows 8 PC, Series 7 Tablet PC in 1.3 cm thickness, 900 grams, with operating systems either Windows 8 or Chrome in second generation Chromebook.


MSi Top micro-Games Gaming GT70 wins the Buyer's Choice Award
Micro-Star International (MSi) Top Gaming GT70 won the online voting of Buyer's Choice Award, out of 37 BC Award winners. MSi Top Gaming GT70 is powered by Diablo III graphic display card, which led to new a wave gaming sector. The professional design of MSi NB GT70 won consistently and got all the approvals from jury, both local & foreign media representatives, and also many oversea buyers. The online voting of Buyer's Choice Award was conducted from May 29 to June 8.

Publishdate :2012/06/09