Visa Applications

Republic of China (ROC) Visitor Visas

Republic of China (ROC) Visitor Visas can be obtained/issued by the visa issuing authorities ( Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) ) with those holding passports from 43 nations. Refer to the list of ROC (Taiwan) embassies.

● Before you apply for a Visitor Visa, please check if your country is listed as eligible for visa-exempt entry.

● Detailed Information on Republic of China Visitor Visas as follows:

- Visitor Visa Application for Business Purpose

- Visitor Visa Application for Nationals of Designated Countries

- Visitor Visa for Attending Conference/Exhibition.

● More helpful information from the Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Taipei Computer Association (TCA), one of the organizers, will not intervene to assist visa processing and will not assume any financial, legal or other type of responsibility or liability for any person or individual failing to obtain a visa or for their activity in Taiwan or at COMPUTEX TAIPEI exhibition.

Each individual must be fill-up the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2012 Pre-Registration form under this link, wait for 3 working days of scrutiny by organizers' trusted partner before the issuance of the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2012 WELCOME Letter (similar to an Invitation Letter) via email. But still it DOES NOT GUARANTEED ROC Visitor Visa issuance.