30 Sweetie Schedule Prizes Winning List recruit info



Introduction of COMPUTEX Sweetie

  • On the 30th anniversary of COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the 30 "COMPTUEX Sweeties" have been chosen. Within 30 COMPUTEX Sweetie, which one is the COMPUTEX Star in your mind? You may have coupons of high-class hotel after attending vote.

    2010年COMPUTEX TAIPEI為30週年,30位COMPUTEX Sweetie因而誕生。30位COMPUTEX Sweetie中,誰是你心目中的COMPUTEX Star? 參加投票就有機會抽中高級飯店住宿卷!


Where is COMPUTEX Sweetie?

  • Best Choice Sweetie→Best Choice Award Pavilion(Best Choice 得獎產品展示區)
  • COMPUTREND Sweetie→COMPUTREND Pavilion(趨勢專區)
  • Happy 30 Sweetie→Official Mascot “Brother PLUG” parading procession(大會代言人插頭寶寶繞場隊伍)
  • COMPUTEX Sweetie→30th Anniversary Image Wall(30週年形象牆)


COMPUTEX Sweetie Voting Method

  1. Voting Time 開放投票時間: 6/1~6/3 09:30~18:00 & 6/4 09:30~12:00
  2. Sweetie who gains the highest cumulative amount of votes will be the champion, COMPUTEX Star. 累計得票數最高者為人氣獎得主COMPUTX Star
  3. Location: There are 6 places, please refer to the diagram below. 共有六投票點,請見下圖
  4. Only one Sweetie assigned number can be filled out on each vote. One vote ticket with more than one Sweetie assigned number will be an invalid vote. 每張選票只能填寫一位Sweetie編號,填寫超過一個號碼將視為廢票。
  5. Prize Drawing: Conducted at COMPUTEX Star Award Ceremony
    投票抽獎:於 COMPUTEX Star 頒獎典禮時抽出
    • 3 Prediction Prizes: (Valid date of all Hotel Vouchers: 2010/6/6~12/30)
      • One night free at Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taipei) “Deluxe Room”, 1 prize(Value NT$10,500)
      • One night free at Hotel Eight Zone “Superior King”, 1 prize(Value NT$8,800)
      • One night free at Hotel Eight Zone “Deluxe King”, 1 prize(Value NT$7,700)
    • Participation Prizes: One doll of official mascot “Brother Plug”, 30 prizes
  6. Ways to claim your prize: 獎品兌換方式
    1. 6/5(Sat.) Present your stub in person at TCA information counter in TWTC Hall
    2. 6/7(Mon.)~6/30(Wed.) Bring your stub in person in TCA
  7. In compliance with law of tax in Republic of China, one has to include the prize in his consolidated income tax once he wins the amount of money of prize over than NT$1,000. The winners from abroad shall pay for 20% income tax. Winners cannot claim the prize without filling in an official receipt. Any winner refuses to cooperate with this will be deemed to waive his rights.