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Asian Power Devices Group to Display IT, Telecom, Medical, Industrial and Other Vertical Market Power Supply Solutions

Asian Power Devices Group to Display IT, Telecom, Medical, Industrial and Other Vertical Market Power Supply Solutions

Established in 1994, Asian Power Devices (APD) focuses on power electronics and renewable energy technology, the company is composed of 3 main business units: power systems, renewable energy, and lighting. APD’s product range include power supply unit, solar PV inverter, and electronic ballast, the company’s clients include renowned firms from Europe, the US, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Australia. APD is the leader in the field of customized and diversified power source units, its products large widely used in medical, IT, and telecommunication fields, and is an important player in the global market.

APD began by innovating and manufacturing power supply units, and has expanded into wireless charger technology, open frame, and DIN Rail power technology. In recent years, APD has also ventured into territories of new energy and lighting. Therefore in 2017, APD will announce its green power image recognition logo, representing that APD has entered into a new stage in its business development.

APD to Display Telecommunications Solution for Clouding Computing and Power Supply Unit for Special IT Electronics

Cloud computing is an important segment of the internet of things (IOT), therefore, high density power supply unit is a very important part of hardware requirement for data center servers. APD has abundant experience in the design of high density power supply unit, therefore, the company shall display special high density power supply products designed for the application of data center servers, the company shall also display power supply modules suitable for Open Compute Projects (OCP).

In the era of IOT, telecommunication equipment is very important, however due to different application environments, many power supply systems for telecom need to be customized, and each order is of limited quantity. Consequently, APD shall display diverse power supply products for telecom equipment use, to demonstrate the company’s customization capabilities, and offer the most competitive prices for low quantity customization, to service all kinds of telecom equipment suppliers.

In Reponse to the Trend of Smart Healthcare, APD will Display a Variety of Power Supply Units in Line with Medical Regulations

According to global market research firm TrendForce, worldwide spending on smart healthcare services (e.g. telemonitoring, diagnostic equipment, assisted living and bio-data tracking) will reach US$30 billion in 2018, growing at a CAGR of 60% from 2016 to 2018.

Smart healthcare is viewed as the next important application of IOT, power supply units for medical use must pass the ISO 13485 certification. APD will display a variety of power supply units that are in line with various medical regulations, many of APD’s products have been adopted by internationally renowned medical equipment suppliers.

Advancing Smart Manufacturing, APD to Display a Variety of Industrial Power Supply Units

Smart manufacturing is the future trend in automated production, high stability, high efficiency, and high safety function power supply units are important components in next generation production equipment. In response to the needs of smart manufacturing, APD will display power supply products suitable for various kinds of machinery, including DIN rail, panel mount, and open frame power supplies. In particular, the DIN rail power supply unit has been certified and applied by renowned production equipment suppliers, and used in various machines.

Contact Information:
Company: Asian Power Devices Inc.
Website: www.apd.com.tw/en
Address: No. 5, Lane 83, Long-Shou St., Taoyuan City 33058, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886-3-379-9078
FAX : 886-3-379-9263, 886-3-344-1400
Email: inquiry@apd.com.tw
Location: Booth No. J0303a, Nangang Hall 1, 1F, Components & Parts Area

Publish Date :2017/05/18