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Askey Showcases New QBee with the Vehicle Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) at COMPUTEX 2017

Askey Showcases New QBee and Vehicle Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) at COMPUTEX 2017

Smart home is the mainstream of the consumer technology market, and the prevalence of 4G / LTE communication has changed the way Internet is used at home. In response to this trend, Askey show of New QBee prototype at COMPUTEX 2017 the smart home entertainment service New QBee, which supports 4G / LTE protocol. As long as users have 4G / LTE Internet access, they can enjoy a variety of smart home entertainment services with New QBee devices, and can watch Youtube, Netflix and other popular streaming audio and video channels on TV with apps installed. It can also be connected to multi-sensor camera and energy control switch for security monitoring and power switch control, truly implementing wireless digital home applications.

Askey Collaborates with Car Manufacturer to Showcase the Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS)

According to the IHS Markit study, under the request of car manufacturers, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) products will experience a rapid growth of more than 302 million globally by 2022 to improve driving safety and reduce car accidents.

Askey has had some ADAS product-developing experience in smart bus systems, and can automatically detect lane departure, provide collision warnings and driving fatigue warnings, and provide 360 degrees images. In response to the car manufacturers’ increasing demand for ADAS products, Askey collaborates with car manufacturers to develop a variety of ADAS products, which will be exhibited at COMPUTEX 2017, with functions including lane departure, collision prevention, blind spot detection, night vision assistance, reversing photography and rear collision warning. In accordance with the different needs and requirements of each car manufacturer, Askey can also provide customized design and production services.

Company Name: Askey Computer Corp.
Hall: TWTC Hall 1, 1F, SmarTEX-Smart Tech Solution
Booth No. D0429a

Publish Date :2017/05/31