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News Release

e21FORUM 2017: Creating a New World with Smart Technologies

Exploring the Boundaries of Data Applications Building a New Smart Future

The e21FORUM, which opens annual technological event COMPUTEX TAIPEI, will be taking the stage at 1:30 PM, May 30th, on the 3rd floor of Taipei International Convention Center. This year’s theme is “Featuring the Smart Future,” and global technology giant Intel will give a 75-minute presentation on the latest trends. The theme of the presentation is “Experience the Data Driven Future”. e21FORUM has also invited two startups—Yoctol Info and Micepad Taiwan—to give a picture of what technology brings to our future from a practical perspective and inspire us with innovations that will surely usher the audience into a smart future.


e21FORUM has broken new ground by inviting the two startup teams Yoctol.Info and Micepad to talk about the Smart Future. They will describe how to extract key information from the enormous amount of data in this age of information overload, in order to find real life benefits and business opportunities. Yoctol.Info will share how they made a menu-type chatbot using a decision tree predictive model analysis. Combined with a natural language engine to understand simple commands, the chatbot can help enterprises extract key information from large amounts of data and achieve the goal of precision sales. Micepad will then extend that concept and describe how to extract value and potential from cold hard numbers obtained through actual events by integration and analysis.

The e21FORUM, hosted by e21 MagicMedia, attracts nearly 3000 participants annually, including engineers, tech consumers, IT industry analysts, enterprise executives, students majoring in tech-related disciplines, as well as investment consultants and journalists who keep close tabs on industry dynamics. The forum is not only an important bridge of communication for the industry, but also serves as a major indicator of the latest technological trends. Participation in the e21FORUM is completely free. From now until May 17th, register early for a chance to win a practical early bird gift!

Registration Website: http://www.e21forum.com.tw/?l=e

Publish Date :2017/05/11