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COMPUTEX 2017 takes a perfect ending with featured exhibits, InnoVEX 2017 leads innovation elements at digital economy.

COMPUTEX 2017 takes a perfect ending with featured exhibits, InnoVEX 2017 leads innovation elements at digital economy.

COMPUTEX 2017, co-organized by Taipei Computer Association(TCA) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), held a closing day press conference today. The organizers announced as of 12:00 noon on June 3, 41,378 international visitors from 167 countries attended the show, a 1% increase from last year. Countries with the highest visitor growth include Thailand (30.63%), Indonesia (22.52%), India (20.86%), Vietnam (20.44%), and Russia (14.81%). During the show, 955 sessions of 1-on-1 procurement meetings are arranged to directly link 181 VIP buyers with 297 exhibitors. This clearly indicates COMPUTEX successfully builds the world's best IoT Ecosystem professional B2B exhibition.

The InnoVEX 2017 captured the attention of the industry, as an exhibition of innovative elements, coupled with the digital economy era emphasizes the soft and hard integration service model, so in a short 3-day period, attracted 14,977 visits to InnoVEX, an increase of 36% from last year.

AI and VR hot topics to create a new trend in technology industry applications and services
Artificial intelligence is regarded by research consultant agency Gartner as the leading strategic technology trend of 2017, related topics also brought whirlwinds at the COMPUTEX exhibition. NVIDIA founder Jensen Huang stated in his speech at the AI forum that through GPU heterogeneous computing, computing efficiency could be enhanced by 10-50 times and will also drive the improvement of AI computation efficiency. For example, NVIDIA has created a platform for intelligent machines. Through the virtual environment of ISAAC Lab and the auto-drive technology based Astro AV smart platform, robot behavior learning and training could be performed through a virtual environment, which is a practical application of artificial intelligence. ARM announced in the pre-exhibition press conference that it will launch an artificial intelligence experience that accelerates endpoint to the cloud, which uses Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55 processors based on the ARM DynamIQ technology. The NVIDIA Project Holodeck perfectly showcased the three elements “module fidelity”, “realistic physical response” and “interactive collaboration” on the Taiwanese manufactured e-scooter Gogoro, which demonstrates VR experiences of the future of gaming, consumer behavior and commercial creativity. ITRI’s “MMG gesture recognition technology” detects the user’s muscle activity and determine the user’s activity status, from motion signals on the muscle surface, which can be applied to gesture control, VR device interaction, rehabilitation equipment, and auxiliary technology for the teaching of crafts.

Facing industry impact from the development of artificial intelligence, IBM General Manager of Greater China Jeffrey A. Rhoda states in the CPX forum that even though AI will be ubiquitous, it will not replace humans in the future, and instead will help humans in many jobs;the “Smart Visual Robot System” of ITRI combines smart visual technology and deep visual perception technology to immediate recognize chess pieces and the location of the robotic arm in 3D spatial position to implement hand to eye coordination;BenQ also debuted the locally designed and manufactured DiBot meal delivery robot. It can be seen that the application of AI is extremely vast, the scope of its influence is also growing.

InnoVEX leads innovation elements at digital economy and becomes Asia’s largest global startup platform

TCA states that the InnoVEX Startup Special Exhibition established in 2016 had been a hit. It was the first of its kind to integrate startup teams and manufacturers at the same exhibition platform (COMPUTEX), and it has garnered much positive response from domestic and foreign startup teams. InnoVEX has officially entered its second year in 2017, 272 teams from 23 countries will participate in the exhibition themed “Discover Future from Asia - Create, Connect, Commercialize”. The exhibition will not only become the largest startup exhibition in Asia, but also hope to support startup teams from around the world to capture the attention of international venture capitalists and garner financial support for mass production to truly achieve technology commercialization, promote service for society, and bring about new business opportunities for startup teams and the manufacturing industry and cultivate a win-win situation.

Taiwan team awarded first prize among 15 competitors in the InnoVEX Pitch Contest, Taiwan R&D strength is reaffirmed

The InnoVEX Pitch Contest, a major event of InnoVEX, held the final competition round on the last day of the exhibition June 1st, after listening to the 15 minute pitches from 8 teams, the US$30,000 prize was awarded to Taiwanese R&D team Amaryllo, the team won the favor of the jury and kept the prize in Taiwan. Head of the Jury Anis Uzzaman, co-founder of Fenix Venture Capital said that the teams that participated in the competition this year has made a lot of progress in innovation and creativity over the last year, the level of maturity of the products and services offered are also very high, and the judges were very impressed.

In addition, the US$10,000 prized sponsored by Foxconn Group is won by Addweup. To encourage startups to enter the APEC market, the SME Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs also sponsored two awards which are won by four teams. The APEC O2O Startup & Innovation Award is awarded to Russian team Scorista and Chilean team Lab4U, the other SMEA Award is won by Taiwanese teams CerebraTek and MikroRec, both awards sponsor roundtrip tickets and accommodation to the APEC O2O Ho Chi Ming City International Forum.

Asia Silicon Valley Investment and Matching Session attracts 15 domestic and foreign venture capital companies and 21 startup teams

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) invited 15 venture capitals (VCs) from Silicon Valley, Canada, Singapore, France, Japan and Taiwan to listen to the pitches of 21 selected startup teams, in order to help startups make connections with the international startup community. It is understood that many teams were contacted directly by VCs about investment right after the conclusion of the Pitch. For example, the Space Apes team from Chung Yuan Christian University attracted the attention of many VCs by proposing the AQR water collection system, the system can be placed outdoors to collect moisture during the night, and turn water vapor into clean drinkable water through the built-in pressure and filtration system, which could solve water shortage problems in desert areas.

Some VCs invited to the event stated that the standard of the startup teams participating in this year’s event has improved considerably compared to those of previous years, regardless of pitch performance, product presentation or business sense. However it is also worth noting that some products developed by the startup teams already have similar alternatives in the market, so it is recommended that teams should make more effort in studying market competitors.

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