EUSSO Technologies, Inc. was founded by a group of 15-year well-experienced networking experts. Bring together expertise in the area of network design, reliability engineering, manufacturing, and product marketing, EUSSO mainly focus on international networking business. Its versatile products enable customers to build complete network solutions from a single supplier.

Market Strategies As network market becomes larger and more complex, EUSSO's design ability and manufacturing capacity are able to provide high-performance, cost-effective, and user-friendly products to achieve a high value for customer satisfaction. These products are delivered with high quality and fast service at competitive price to small, medium and large sized organization through worldwide distributors.

Core Competence

  • To meet its leadership responsibility to the industry, the company's core competence is 
    • to stay at forefront of new technologies 
    • to satisfy customer needs through innovation 
    • to deliver service in a fast client/server model 
    • to focus on market product demand

Future Vision

  • EUSSO will continue to focus on expanding and enhancing its current products through an aggressive research and development, and marketing program. We are making every effort to stay ahead for the benefit of the user of our products. Therefore, we all strive continuously to maintain our ability to accept change to secure our future successfully.